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Oral Surgeons: Customer Credit Card Financing! Healthcare Financing, Medical Credit Cards- Better

Help to improve your patient payment experience by helping people pay for the care they need or want.
To learn more, please call my Partner Jo Ann at 936-078-0489, email PLEASE BE SURE TO REFERNCE DAC AGENT: SHANNON D. SMITH.
Specialized flexible financing solutions for Medical Practices, doctors, dentists, oral surgeons, surgeons, medical device companies and their patients. ALREADY OFFER FINANCING? SEE HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT. In our opinion, we beat and are a better platform than the lead popular “cc” healthcare credit card. Healthcare Financing, Medical Credit Cards

Our programs will buy down to a 620 Credit score and will fund $300 to $25,000 directly to your practice. (The leading healthcare credit card requires 680 credit score; and funds up to only $10,000).

Average Merchant Cost: 9.9% on the FIRST CHARGE ONLY. / 10%-18% on every charge. Read that again and let it sink in and what it means for your practice.


Higher approval rates / Low approval success rates.
Soft credit pull with no impact to patient credit / Impacts credit when applying.
No hidden fees or surprise interest / Retroactive interest and negative surprises.
Min 4 months same-as-cash with every offer / Not available to all patients, higher cost.
Easy sign-up, complete in just minutes / Sign-up can be cumbersome.
Transparent pricing with no origination fee / Unknown hidden fees.
No minimum purchase price / Must spend at least $200.

The only Text to Finance Software with instant approval and instant payment, all at the point of sale.

We do:
Home Improvement Financing, home decor financing, home repair financing, healthcare financing, surgery financing, cosmetic financing, plastic surgery financing, elective surgery financing, home security financing, auto repair financing, auto tire sales financing, stereo system financing, audio equipment financing, legal financing, legal services financing, accounting service financing, medical tourism financing, tatoo removal financing, veterinarian financing

(This is a Mastercard VISA through a major bank institution)

(Must make minimum $400,00 a year.
U.S. only.
Not available yet in Iowa, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, D.C. nor Colorado- Colorado coming soon; inquire)

To learn more, please call my Partner Jo Ann at 936-078-0489, email PLEASE BE SURE TO REFERNCE DAC AGENT: SHANNON D. SMITH.


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