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People Are Debating Who Travis Kelce Should Have Hugged First

After Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in five years — creating what some may call a dynasty — friends and family rushed the field to congratulate the champions on their win. This included the beloved Kelce family and pop superstar, Taylor Swift, who has been dating Travis Kelce since summer 2023.

Swift and Donna Kelce made their way down to the field to find Travis who beelined for the pair. In several videos shown on social media, Swift can be seen patiently waiting her turn to hug her beau, while Donna and Travis share a sweet hug.

The heartwarming moment soon went viral with many praising Swift for her grace and awareness of letting Donna have her moment with her son first before getting her chance to squeeze Travis. Others began debating the logistics of a situation like this. When does mom stop getting the first hug? Does a girlfriend always come second (or third) to parents during a special moment like this?

The Toast podcast hosts Claudia and Jackie Oshry chatted about this discourse, breaking down the hug order and when “mom” starts to become second in line.

“As a boy mom, that’s a girlfriend. You’re hugging mama first,” Jackie says.

“Okay, what about a fiance?” Claudia asks.

“Well, we said this about Brock Purdy,” Jackie says, referring to the San Francisco 49ers quarterback.

“Yeah because I saw a video where Brock Purdy hugged his mom before his fiance and I just thought it was interesting,” Claudia responds. “My identity is ‘wife’ right now, and your identity is ‘mom,’ so I think we look at it very differently.”

“Well, I have both identities. I hold dual citizenship,” Jackie jokes. “When I look at Brock Purdy like I’m identifying with his mama, not his fiance like I’m Team Mama.”

“So, of course, I think when it’s a girlfriend … he should have hugged Donna first … for sure. Fiancee? You can get away with both.”

They both agree that once a girlfriend becomes a wife and mother, she gets first hug priority in the “hug hierarchy.”

Several TikTok users chimed in with their takes on this hug debate with several saying that mom always deserves the first hug.

“I feel like mom makes sense because your mom raised you/financially supported your dreams of the sport your entire life. Like it was her dream too ✨” one user wrote.

“Mom first always. And as a wife I would 100% support this!” another said.

Another said, “Mom always first in a time like this. She was there taking him to football practice..washing his jerseys…standing in the rain at his childhood question”

This is beyond true, especially when it comes to Donna Kelce herself. When she sat down for a one-on-one with Scary Mommy, she talked about the past, raising Travis and Jason, and all the time and energy that went into youth sports. She said she didn’t regret a moment.

“Oh, I loved every minute of it. I didn’t see it as a sacrifice. I loved that I could sit and watch my kids do what they love and also commiserate with parents. I just loved being around people,” she recalled.

Mama Kelce deserves that first hug! Plus, once mom gets her love, there’s more time for a husband or wife to embrace their partner. Seems like Swift definitely got the memo on that. She’s a keeper!

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