Performance Lab launch supplements to counteract declining nutritional value of food

Performance Lab have recently announced the launch of its nine new single-supplement nutrients.

Dave Wright, the founder of Performance Lab, comments: ”Optimum nutrition achieves our highest potential for overall physical and mental health, weight control, vitality and disease resilience. If the UK population radically improves their nutritional intake, the worrying levels of illness and disease could dramatically reduce.  We are looking to offer a solution by providing ultra-clean nutritional supplements to our customers.”

According to HSIS (Health and food Supplements Information Service), much of the population struggle to eat a balanced diet, further reducing the essential nutrients the body needs. 

These include pregnant and breastfeeding women, housebound or institutionalised elderly people, smokers, heavy drinkers and anybody on a restrictive diet, such as vegans, vegetarians and people trying to lose weight.

In addition, recent studies show the nutritional value of our food has dropped over 38% since World War II, meaning that we are falling foul of a phenomenon known as ‘hidden hunger’. Our calories may be plentiful, but our plates are nutrient poor.

The nine new single nutrient supplements form part of Performance Lab’s scientifically proven, NutriGenesis vitamins and minerals range, which mirror and enhance the nutrients found in our food. 

The research-backed formulae are gentle on the stomach, 100% plant-based and don’t include any artificial fillers, binders or excipients.

The nine supplements include Vitamin B-Complex, Calcium, Iron Complex, Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamin C, as well as the lesser known, but most important, Iodine, Selenium and Zinc.

Iodine is known for its effects treating an overactive thyroid which can cause significant weight gain. Selenium, an antioxidant known to reduce inflammation, will also enhance your immunity, whilst Zinc, is known for its support of the immune system and maintains the body’s natural defence system.

Nutrient decline could leave our bodies with fewer of the components they need to mount defences against disease.

The quality of nutrients in our crops has been declining over the past 70 years, with mounting evidence from multiple scientific studies showing that many fruits and vegetables today contain less protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C than ever before.

This could significantly impact those following a primarily plant-based diet, who have an increased need for continued supplementation.

“With real concern over the nutritional quality of our food, we have seen a huge increase in those looking for supplementation within their diets,” says Performance Lab founder Dave Wright.

“More often than not, simple ailments and complaints can be treated by the addition of nutritional supplements, such as Vitamin C to aid in cell renewal. Our single nutrient vitamins combine the correct daily dosage with enhanced absorption capabilities, ensuring one single capsule per day is everything our customers need to boost nutrition and live a healthy life.”

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