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Plastic Surgery in Cali, Colombia: Know THIS Before You Visit!

Considering plastic surgery in Cali, Colombia? Our expert’s here to share all you need to know about plastic surgeries and Cali, the Salsa capital!

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0:45 Tourist attractions in Cali, Colombia
1:13 Common plastic surgeries in Cali
1:30 Before cosmetic surgery in Cali
2:21 How they assist!
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In this video, one of the top plastic surgeons in Colombia, Dr. William L. Murillo, helps us understand the basics of plastic surgery in Cali!

Dr. Murillo:
✨Has over 35 years of experience
✨Is a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery
✨& has been an associate professor at the Louisiana State University, USA.

📖Learn more about Dr. Murillo here:

Colombia offers plastic surgeries for everything from getting a sharper nose (rhinoplasty, you know, a nose job) to fixing tired eyes (blepharoplasty, that’s an eyelid lift).

Facelifts can smooth out wrinkles, and a tummy tuck can tighten things up after having a baby.

Liposuction sucks out unwanted fat in areas like your tummy or thighs, and breast augmentation can make them bigger or rebuild them after surgery.

🎥One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Colombia is the mommy makeover. Watch this video to learn more about it.

💰You should know, the cost of plastic surgery in Colombia is very low when compared with the US and other western countries.

You can save up to 55%!

📖Find more about the different procedures & their prices here:

Colombia is not only best for plastic surgery but also a great place to bid your stresses goodbye and have a peaceful holiday.

✈️Once you are ready for your medical trip to Colombia, you can book a flight to the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport in Cali.

Make sure to carry your passport with a 6 month validity!

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