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Poor Mental Health Robs Nearly Half of Americans of Valuable Time – Clarksville Online

Poor Mental Health Robs Nearly Half of Americans of Valuable Time – Clarksville Online

GeneSightMason, OH – The latest GeneSight® Mental Health Monitor survey shows that nearly half of Americans feel they have lost time in their lives due to poor mental health. 

Courtney Nugent suffered a decade-long struggle with anxiety. At first, medication helped manage her anxiety. However, after surgery, she found her medication was no longer keeping her anxiety in check. She began a trial-and-error journey of seven different medications to try to get back to “normal.”

“I had to call off my wedding to focus on my mental health,” said Nugent. “My mental health crisis was six months on paper, but for every second of every day, I was fighting to stay alive. That’s time I can’t get back.”

Of those diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression, 50% said they have lost years of their lifetime because of poor mental health—and 12% said they’ve lost decades.

About a third of those with anxiety and/or depression said they’ve missed significant events due to ineffective mental health treatments. The “treatment as usual” approach to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety is often associated with medication trial-and-error, which can also add to lost time. The GeneSight test is a tool clinicians can use to inform mental health medication treatment plans and may help shorten their patients’ road to wellness.

“Patients who have lost time due to depressive episodes or periods of anxiety often feel a sense of loss, which further complicates their mental health situation,” said Sharon Philbin, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse.

A person’s genes may affect their outcomes to certain mental health medications. Practitioners like Philbin order the GeneSight test (a simple cheek swab) to help patients understand how they may metabolize or respond to several mental health medications based on their individual genetics.

“GeneSight has been one of the tools I’ve used to help my patients feel better and take control of lost time so that those living with anxiety and depression can enjoy their lives,” said Philbin.

Courtney was prescribed a new medication based partly on her GeneSight test results and began to feel like herself again. “I have a new job and a new lease on life. I do not think I would be alive without the GeneSight test,” said Courtney.

It wasn’t until her clinician personalized her mental health medication treatment with the help of the GeneSight test that she got back on track. Learn more at

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