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Positions That Help You Deliver Baby Easily

Having a baby is not for the faint of heart, and it can be incredibly hard. It can be so hard that there are women out there who have a sincere phobia of the thought of giving birth. However, if a woman decides that she wants to carry her own baby, that baby is going to have to come out at one point, and in any way necessary.

As mom-to-be is going through her pregnancy, she may be starting to realize that this baby needs to come out. It gets more real, the closer she gets to her due date. She starts taking prenatal classes, that help by walking her through what she may expect during childbirth, but that doesn’t erase one simple fact: childbirth is hard work.


It takes a lot of energy and effort to have a baby, and while mom’s body will be doing some work on its own, she has to help it. She has to help push that baby out, and this stage of labor can last for hours sometimes.

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It would be a great world if childbirth just meant that mom had to lay down, open wide, and the baby would slide out like a water slide (if that sounds absurd, it’s because it is). Mom has to work to get that baby out, and there are birthing positions that can help make that just a bit easier on mom.

The Squat

It is important to note that positions available to you will depend on how your labor is going, and if your pain management allows it. According to Pregnancy Baby Birth, a squatting position may be the best one, and that is because it is the most natural. Mom-to-be can squat on the bed, using a birthing stool, ball, or even a squatting bar. It may not be the most glamorous, but it works.

The reason it works is that it can help the oxygen flow to your baby, and reduce the amount of back pain you are in. It can also help move baby into the best position. Since you use the same muscles to push as you do to have a bowel movement, this is the ideal position for childbirth.

Hands & Knees

This is another one that may not be pretty, but no one is there for “pretty,” they are there to get a baby out of you safely, and as quickly as possible. According to What To Expect, getting on your hands and knees to push may be just what you need. This is one of the best positions for pushing if you are experiencing back labor. It helps move the baby off your spine, as gravity will bring it forward and off your back.

It will also allow you to move your pelvic to alleviate some pressure and pain you are feeling. It also allows your partner to put some pressure on your back to help take away some pain. If being on your hands becomes too much, you can bend your arms and go on your forearms instead.


When we think of relaxing, a lot of people will immediately think of a position in which they are leaning back on something, and that can work for childbirth as well. According to The Bump, a reclining position for childbirth is a great position, because it allows mom to relax and take a break when needed.

Pushing is hard, and sometimes, mom needs to take a breather to make sure she can power through. This may be great for women who have had long labors. Mom-to-be can recline on a wall, a chair, or even another person if her partner wants to get up on the bed and sit behind her for extra support.

This position can release tension and relax the muscles, and when mom-to-be is relaxed, she is going to be in a better head space for pushing. This can also be a great position for a woman who doesn’t want to lie flat on her back but is not comfortable (or confident) in completely sitting up or squatting. The only downside with this one is that it can work against gravity.

Chances are, if you are having an unmedicated birth, a position that will work best for you will come naturally. Your body will instinctively tell you what it needs, and all you need to do is listen to it. When exploring different positions, chances are you will find one that works for you, and baby will be out of you in no time.

Sources: Pregnancy Baby Birth, What To Expect, The Bump

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