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Pregnant Mom’s Mind Might Influence Baby’s Personality

When a woman is pregnant, she is spending a lot of time making sure that her baby is getting everything they need to grow physical and strong. We know that they need to put on some weight, work on developing all their body parts and organs, and that their brain is developing.

However, little thought goes into what makes a personality. We know that as a baby grows into a toddler, and then a child, their personality starts to flourish and shine, but where does it come from? Are personalities genetic? Are they organic? Or, are they a mix of both?

While it may be true that a personality is a mix of both nature vs. nurture, the development starts in the womb. Work has been done to see what happens in pregnancy that shapes a person’s personality. There has been work done that shows that the mind of a pregnant woman can influence a baby’s personality, and it is an important reminder for moms-to-be to be mindful of their state of mind while they are pregnant.

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Right At Conception

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz interview celeb news and misconceptions on pregnancy

According to Mom Junction, research has shown that soon after a woman conceives, the embryo already has a certain level of consciousness. While it may be subconscious for a bit, it is considered “active” enough that the baby can store information and prepare for everything that is coming. This means that a calm and happy state really is important in pregnancy, right from the very beginning.

If mom is happy and calm, her baby is receptive to it. On the other hand, if there are a lot of negative feelings, the baby will always be soaking that in. There have been studies done with ultrasounds that have shown babies in the womb flinching when yelling is heard.

Chemical Signals

COVID-19 Infection In Pregnancy Does Not Impact Fetus' Brain , Study Finds
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It is not just about emotions either, there is a biological change happening based on what mom is feeling. According to Psychological Science, chemical signals from the mother’s brain are being sent to the baby through the placenta, and this can impact a baby’s development. This told the researchers that a mom who was suffering from depression, could impact her baby and lead them to have depression when they get older. These are biological changes that are happening, and they are important to be aware of.

What Real Mothers Are Stating

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As we mentioned, there have been a lot of work and studies that have gone into this theory, and there is something that we can all learn from it. According to Being The Parent, mothers who stated that they had a difficult and stressful pregnancy reported that their babies grew to be overly sensitive, and unable to deal with stress. Mothers who were depressed during pregnancy tended to have babies who were sad more often. They also found that mothers who had a relatively easy and happy pregnancy had babies that followed suit.

While not all things are avoidable when it comes to pregnancy, as there are medical conditions and just life that can get in the way, this shows how important it is to try and maintain a level of calm and happiness when pregnant.

Sources: Mom Junction, Psychological Science, Being The Parent

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