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Questions Preemie Moms Have After Bringing Baby Home

Bringing a baby home is never easy, especially if it is your first. You just brought this new, fragile life into the world and then the nurses send you home and just trust that you know what to do to keep this little one alive. It can be overwhelming, and a little scary.

However, moms who have premature babies may be facing other pressures, and they may even be more uncertain about how to care for their baby. If their baby has spent some time in the NICU, they may be worried about some health concerns, and chances are they may still be a bit small.

Mom will likely have a million questions, and the whole process can be so overwhelming that mom may forget to ask all of them to the nurses for the answers. That is why we have compiled 10 questions that preemie moms may have when it comes to bringing the baby home.

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10 What Should Preemies Wear?

It is likely that mom did not plan on having a premature baby, so she may come home and realize that none of the clothes she has fits. According to Very Well Family, mom shouldn’t worry too much about that. Premature babies grow fairly quickly, so if they are not in newborn clothes by the time they leave the hospital, they will be soon.

9 How Do I Pick A Pediatrician?

According to KidsHealth, one of the most important things you need to do when you come home is to find a pediatrician. You want to make sure you find one you trust, and who can help your baby, but this may be difficult. Make sure you have all the medical records for your baby, and this can help you find one who understands your child’s needs and can be a support system for you.

8 Can I Take A Break?

Preemie moms may be described as a bit “overprotective,” but they are not. They are trying to make sure that their baby is safe, but they are only human and can get overwhelmed too. Especially if they have older children at home to care for.

According to Onsite Neonatal, mom may want to know if it is OK to leave her preemie baby with anyone, so she can get a break. The answer is that it is going to depend on your comfort level and your baby’s medical needs. If your preemie is relatively healthy and doing well, and you trust the person, there is no harm in getting some time for yourself.

7 What If They Get Sick?

While no one wants their baby to get sick, especially their newborn, preemie moms may be extra worried about it. If mom notices that her preemie baby has a fever, she should take them to the ER right away. Fevers are not considered “normal” in newborns, and should always be seen right away.

6 Can Kids Handle Their Preemie Sibling?

For mom who has older children at home, she may realize that she didn’t ask how much her older children can be involved in the preemie’s care. Having siblings help is a great way to help them cope with a new baby, but mom can be worried about the preemie’s safety. This will also depend on mom’s comfort level, and the basic instructions should still apply like washing hands and staying away when sick.

5 How Do I Bathe My Baby?

Preemies can seem incredibly fragile, and mom may be worried about how she can bathe them. She may fear that an infant tub is still too big for her baby, and she wants to know what her options are. While these tubs are still perfectly fine to use (just adjust the amount of water in them), mom may want to hop in the tub with her baby until she gets more comfortable.

4 Are There Support Groups?

Mom may realize that she is having a hard time coping with bringing her NICU baby home. She may be feeling anxious about keeping them safe, and she may even have some postpartum depression. Mom may want to know if there are any support groups out there for her, and a quick call to the hospital should be able to guide you in the right direction. There is no shame in asking for help.

3 Bubble Baby?

Preemie babies are at a higher risk of catching viruses from others, so mom may want to know how to make sure her preemie is safe. Most nurses will tell mom just to make sure that visitors are washing their hands, sanitizing, and not visiting when they are ill. Also, no kissing.

2 Can I Call For Help?

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you bring home a preemie baby, and mom has likely built a relationship with the nurses and staff who have been caring for her child in the NICU. She may want to know if she can call them with questions. Chances are, the staff will guide you to your child’s pediatrician for questions.

1 Baby Products

A lot of moms rely on various baby products to help get them through the day. This could be swings or seats, but a preemie mom may wonder if these are safe for her preemie. If she hasn’t asked her nurses for some suggestions, mom should always air on the side of caution and go by the weight said on the description.

Sources: Very Well Family, KidsHealth, Onsite Neonatal

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