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Reasons to #BePracticePlan – Practice Plan

Reasons to #BePracticePlan – Practice Plan

If you cast your mind back to the meetings you had with your careers officer at school. What was the first question that usually set the conversation going? More than likely, it was ‘What do you want to ‘BE’ when you leave school?’

The choice of the word ‘Be’ there is quite different from the alternative of ‘What do you want to ‘Do?’ The word ‘Be’ is more suggestive of an effect rather than a cause. For instance, you can’t ‘do’ happy, but you can ‘be’ happy. You can’t ‘do’ fulfilled’, but you can ‘be’ fulfilled.

‘Be’ is a word that resonates with us at Practice Plan. We want to be more than a plan provider that just looks after your plan. We want to be a source of support and advice for your business as a whole.

At Practice Plan, we want to help our customers to #Be whatever they want to be. We’ve helped hundreds of dentists #Be happy by converting from NHS to private dentistry. After making the move they’ve found they can #Be in control of their own business and set their own schedules. They can spend more time with their patients and carry out the sort of dentistry they want to be able to but can’t as part of an NHS contract. So many of them have told us that they’re enjoying their dentistry more that we’ve lost count!

Although it’s important to us that our customers can #Be happy, we want more for them than just that. We also want them to #Be inspired. That’s why we organise events and webinars that give them the opportunity to listen to and interact with some of the dental industry’s most inspirational speakers. Even the best of us needs our levels of motivation topping up now and again so having fun while you’re learning is a great way to achieve that. No wonder our customers keep coming back for more!

That’s not something we take for granted. We know that there are other dental membership plan providers out there, which is why we want our customers to know that with us they will #Be valued. Whether we help them through a conversion, or they switch to us from another provider. Building lasting relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We’re not into being cheesy, but when you choose to #Be Practice Plan you become part of a family, the PP family. And, judging by the number of weddings and other events we get invited to, and the length of time some of our customers have been with us, that’s how they feel.

Just like in a family, what we want is for you to #Be supported. You’d never know it to look at them but there’s more than 300 years’ worth of dental industry experience among our field team, so they know a thing or two. Between them they have helped hundreds of practices to introduce a membership plan and, in some cases, save their practices. So, whether you need some business advice, or a shoulder to cry on, our Regional Support Managers will #Be by your side.

Before you get the impression that we’re deadly earnest and about as fun as watching paint dry, we know how to enjoy life. From taking selfies with our famous yellow sunglasses at the fizz bar at Dentistry Show to our annual Club Weekends, these are universally popular as they’re opportunities for like-minded people to get together and network while having some fun at the same time. If that sounds like something you want to #Be part of, then reach out and start the conversation with us, we’re ready when you are.


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