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Reddit Says These Disney World Tips Can Make Or Break Your Trip

Reddit Says These Disney World Tips Can Make Or Break Your Trip

Planning a Disney trip can be overwhelming. From budgeting time to budgeting your finances, every part of your dream Disney vacation can feel like it requires spreadsheets, math equations, and Tylenol. There’s just so much to see at each park and, realistically, a finite amount of time and money to make it all happen. And since going to Disney is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many families, the pressure to go big before you go home is real. So, here’s a little Disney planning PSA for you: In your quest to find the best (and most niche) tips and tricks, don’t overlook Reddit.

You’re probably familiar with some of the other major Disney planning resources. From PlanDisney to those “official” Disney travel agents, there’s an answer to every question. Numerous fan-made Facebook groups dedicated to each park and resort exist, where more experienced Disney-goers answer questions, offer advice, and even hook you up with supplies if you forget something on your trip. But many new-to-Disney-World families sleep on the Disney insiders doling out gems on Reddit.

As with almost anything else, Reddit is a hub for the obsessed. So, why not turn to the people so obsessed with Disney planning that they put their spare time and energy toward sharing their insight on message boards devoted to Disney World trips?

Here are some of the best tips we’ve found so far.

Keep Your Cool By Leaning Into Less Popular Attractions

In a perfect world, we could all visit Disney World in January, when the temperatures, prices, and traffic are at their lowest each year. Except for most families, that’s simply unattainable as it means taking your kid out of school. You know how to avoid heat sickness at home, but what about when you’re in a Florida park all day in the middle of summer? Reddit has a lot of advice on this topic, but here’s something you may not think of: “Hit up the unpopular indoor rides and shows in between the popular rides.”

From Reddit (and experience), Magic Kingdom’s Carousel of Progress is a great place to escape the heat or rain. Many people admit to stopping in for the 20-minute “nap” in the cool, dark atmosphere as you’re led through time and towards a “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.” The Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory is another Magic Kingdom experience where most of the line is inside, and all of the experience is seated. Plus, it’s hysterical! The Disney Jr. Dance Party at Hollywood Studios is also indoors, dark, and air-conditioned. Your littles will go wild, and you can enjoy the view.

Be Picky About Which Snacks You Splurge On

You’ll want to eat all.the.things. And your kids will be all about that Disney snack life. But here’s a Redditor suggestion worth heeding: “Be picky with your snacks and only get something that’s unique and you’re dying to try.”

Redditors suggest having some groceries delivered, packing some snacks, water, and kid-friendly stuff into the park, and opting for Quick Service meals, specifically at your resort. Even Value resorts, like Pop and Art of Animation, have delicious food in their dining halls with prices that are fairly comparable to going out to eat at home.

Don’t Over-Plan

If you’re Type A, this next piece of Redditor advice may seem sacrilegious — and, in general, it may be the antithesis of what you’ve been told before. But many Redditors insist the best way to “do Disney” is to embrace the joy of spontaneity and avoid overplanning.

“Due to the random nature of how Genie and [Lightning Lanes] work, you’ll never really know what time you’re going to be able to ride a certain ride (if you’re trying to get a Lightning Lane spot) until you actually book it… which is day-of,” explains ScarHand69.

The Disney parks in Orlando are huge, and it’s not unusual for visitors to walk 10-20 miles daily, zigzagging all over the park trying to hit “must-do” rides and shows. That kind of mileage would wear anyone out, especially kids in the unforgiving Florida heat and humidity.

Don’t let your desire to catch Frozen Ever After rush you through and make you miss seeing the look of wonder and excitement when your kid spends an hour at Moana’s Journey of Water at Epcot. Sure, use Genie+ or Lightning Lane to secure some of your dream rides, but take breaks to enjoy the rest of Disney’s magic, too.

Reconsider Large Groups

Obviously, if you have six kids, you can’t leave four at home. Or can you? But, as one Redditor pointed out, having a bigger group means more “wants” to factor in throughout the day.

You can still go with a large group and make it work, but it’ll likely be more stressful. You could also look for ways to naturally split up the group and then just meet back up for meals, a parade, or a group photoshoot. This might look like letting the grandparents take your smaller kids on tamer rides while you and the “big kids” seek out a thrill. Or maybe you let Dad check out Rise of the Resistance while you and your kids return to Toy Story Mania for a second time. After all, you have a high score to beat, Space Ranger.

Skip the Midday Break and Get More Bang for Your Buck

“Midday breaks” are frequently mentioned in Reddit’s Disney planning groups, and the vote is pretty evenly split among Redditors. For a large, passionate contingent, the consensus is clear: “Do not take a midday break.”

The logic here? Midday breaks often look like going back to your resort for some downtime during the hottest part of the day to nap or just spend some time in a pool. However, it works best if you stay on property and can utilize Disney transport since it’s so much faster than the parking lot trudge.

Redditor Fokurcouch suggests you get the most from your money if you stay at the park as long as your family can muster. This is especially true if you choose not to splurge on the Park Hopper option.

But Consider Rest Days

If you have the luxury of time on your side, Redditor HelloFox swears by planning “rest days” or “resort days” to keep your family fresh between park days. “Our last trip was eight days, and I only planned one resort day because I assumed the kids would want to be in the parks more. I was wrong! They were exhausted and wished we had more than one resort day. They loved the pool time and rest.”

TBH, Disney resorts are so kitted out with Disney themes that your kids will feel like they’re “at Disney” even if they’re just in their hotel room, wandering to get lunch, or enjoying the pool. Rest days don’t mean you don’t do anything; they just mean you’re not in the park checking boxes.

A Few More Favorite Reddit Disney Tips

When it comes to sourcing hacks for doing Disney from Reddit, the limit does not exist. Here’s more smart advice from Redditors:

  • “Walk a lot in the few weeks before your trip,” working up to around 20,000 steps a day.
  • Outsmart blisters by getting “two different pairs of shoes, because you need shoes that rub differently on your feet.”
  • Also on the footcare front? “I don’t often see compression socks mentioned in these threads. I wore them during our trip in December, and they were amazing. I walked over 100k steps in four days. My feet were sore and tired but no pain.”
  • “Manage your expectations.” Your trip won’t be perfect, so just try to take things in stride.
  • Splurge on Genie+ — “and spend plenty of time researching how it works and looking at the interface before your trip. It’ll make the whole trip so much easier.”
  • Pregame by watching Disney movies. “I know it sounds hokey, but especially if you are doing Magic Kingdom, being familiar with the Disney stories makes it so much more fun to see them ‘come to life.’”
  • “If you have a stroller, always put the rain cover on when going on a ride” because Florida weather is truly unpredictable!
  • “Buy a popcorn bucket” if you’re going to buy a souvenir food item. “Refills are like $2 and it is delicious popcorn. We snack on it all the time and then hang the bucket on the back of my backpack when walking around.”

The Reddit Connection

Seeing a pattern here? It turns out that maybe there are no right or wrong answers for how to “do Disney.” What works for one family may not work for yours. But one thing is certain: Any question you have about your upcoming trip can be answered (in every direction) with a quick search on Reddit.

So, before you book your next trip, spend some time in Reddit’s Disney communities: r/WaltDisneyWorld (667K members), r/disneyparks (124K members), and r/DisneyPlanning (21K members).

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