Reiki in The Real World News: Western Medicine is Acknowledging the Importance of Energy Healing

Reiki in the real world news: hospitals in the USA are now hiring Reiki practitioners to be a part of their medical staff. Western medical systems are recognizing that your energetic body plays a vital role in your overall physical health. Tune in to hear my take on this.
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Our wish at Militant Universe is for you to experience the fullness that is you. In order to achieve that, you have to dare to face and integrate your whole self. Doing the hard work of embracing every aspect of yourself, including your shadow, does not make you a bad person. And being a ‘good person’ does not serve you if you are stowing away parts of yourself to appease others. Retrieving every part of your being will enable you to truly understand yourself, the world around you, and your personal gifts. And, believe it or not, your gifts lie within the shadows. #experience #work #shadowwork #embodiment #wholeness #spirituality #selfdiscoveryjourney #selfawareness #selfdevelopment #self #selfcare
I became a Reiki practitioner in August of 2020, and a lot has transpired and evolved since then.

I’ve been through an intense death and rebirth process. And my personal transformation has deepened my empathy and broadened my emotional capacity so that I can hold space for others.

My lived experiences and Spiritual maturation has led me to expand my business to include spiritual coaching and divination services. And I am prepared to serve on a more intimate and deeper level.

I’m learning that it takes time and intention to fully embody fresh concepts that influence how you show up in the world. Sometimes it can feel like there’s an internal conflict; a battle between the old and the new.

For this reason, my spiritual coaching services slowly guide people in the work of self-realization and full embodiment. It breaks down the hard work of personal development into easily digestible steps.

I’m wondering where you are on your personal evolution and journey. Would you be interested in setting up a call to learn more about my work? If so, reach out to us at Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to serving you soon.
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