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Republicans Are All Sick In The Head/ News March 29, 2024 AUDIO ONLY

🎙️David does The News.
💬 Show Notes
GOP is a repository for mental defectives; Carlton Huffman, who accused CPAC’s Matt Schlapp of sexual assault dropped lawsuit; Head of Georgia GOP guilty of voting illegally nine times; Arizona’s Kari Lake defaults on defamation lawsuit; Liz Cheney says the future of democracy depends on Donald Trump’s defeat; North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson may be USA’s worst candidate; How “legal” and “illegal” immigration fuel America’s economy; Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says immigration boosts GDP $7 trillion; Trump uses patrol officer’s murder to lie that crime is soaring under Biden; Trump’s criminal trial in New York cheduled for April 15; Mitt GOP heavyweights will not be campaigning for Trump in November; Small donors no longer donating to Trump; James Comer says there will be no Biden impeachment; Stock market idoing better under Biden than Trump; Polls show Biden opening up lead over Trump
📋 Chapters
00:00 The entire Republican Party is a repository for mental defectives.
Republicans refuse to deal with unresolved trauma and instead of seeking help identify as Republicans.
Carlton Huffman drop the lawsuit against CPAC’s Matt Schlapp for sexual assault.
03:41 CPAC’s Matt Schlapp facing multiple sexual assault allegations.
– He opposes same-sex marriage and laws protecting the LGBTQ community
-Matt Schlapp blames the collapse of Maryland bridge on COVID lockdowns and drug abuse
11:08 Liz Cheney emphasizes the importance of defeating Donald Trump for the future of democracy.
– Cheney warns that the Republican Party has strayed from the Constitution by embracing Trump and urges for his defeat in November
– Cheney remains optimistic about Trump’s defeat
12:00 Campaign finance investigation involving Republican Rep. Troy Nehls
14:59 North Carolina Republican Candidate for Governor Mark Robinson’s history of hate speech
-Robinson made derogatory remarks about Martin Luther King, Beyonce, Jay Z, and Hillary Clinton, and used offensive language to describe minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community
– He’s running against Democrat Josh Stein
23:10 Why the migrant crisis is imaginary
-No such thing as “legal” or “illegal” immigration
-Millions of jobs in America are unfilled and migrants are needed according to the Wall Street Journal
– Cities like Topeka, Kansas offer incentives to attract migrants, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends them to blue cities with surplus labor force
– ICE’s entire existence serves to deny due process in violation of international law
27:05 Migrants who make it into America contributed to our country’s economic success
– A dysfunctional immigration system is strategic for big businesses
– Undocumented migrants are easier to exploit and not likely to seek workers’ rights
– 1.4 jobs for every job seeker are vacant, impacting social safety net
– Migrants to boost GDP by $7 trillion– despite Americans not wanting them
34:58 The migrant crisis is rooted in racism and bigotry
– Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban, and the Ku Klux Klan are the only honest interlocutors on the issue. They argue for the great replacement theory, wanting to prevent migrants from changing the nation’s complexion, accents, language, and food
36: 30 Republicans need hatred, racism, and bigotry to run on, as evidenced by their lack of success running on issues such as abortion
37:00 Supreme Court heard oral arguments on expanding access to abortion pills
38:54 Republicans and Donald Trump lie when they insist crime is soaring under the Biden administration
– Despite anecdotal evidence, crime is down according to FBI statistics and NBC News analysis
– Violent crime nationwide is down year over year by 6% and in blue cities with Democratic mayors
46:48 Trump might limit NBC’s ability to cover the GOP convention as punishment for firing RNC chair Ronna McDaniel
– NBC hired former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, but after protestations from high profile hosts was summarily fired
48:09 Reports Trump is in near total isolation
50:36 Several GOP senators are refusing to endorse Donald Trump for re-election.
58:28 In order to get hired by the RNC you must put into writing you believe the 2020 election was stolen
– Trumps fixation on loyalty has all the makings of a blue wave come November
1:02:31Trump’s small donor base drying up and big money donors are staying away from the Republican Party
– Biden’s State of the Union address kickstarted his reelection campaign and led to a huge fundraising haul
– The Republican Party is facing serious cash crunch, and Trump is struggling to raise big money
1:10:26 Joe Biden’s perceived weakness is now his strength
1:14:14 James Comer believes there will be no Joe Biden impeachment
1:18:00 Market Watch reports stock market now performing better under Biden than under Trump
1:22:00 Impact of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in November
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