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Sapien Medicine Audio – Read Description Please!

Hello guys, this is not my video, I just reuploaded Sapien’s video to help spread his amazing work which will hopefully save many many lifes.
This is the link to the original file (Please use this one, since I am not sure if this reupload will work):
Download official file here:
(used with permission)
We also created a subliminal for this and we tested it when we caught the disease. It works. You can download our subliminal version here for free:
Also, please DO NOT mention any words that are related to this disease, words like C..vid..19, C….rona etc as it could to this video being taken down. I will have to delete any comments that don’t consider that. Thank you.

Orginal Description from Sapien Medicine:
This is programmed to work specifically on the c family of viruses.
Share to who ever needs.
Free to download on Gumroad in the url below.
It is programmed to use an energetic simulant of laser light, within the visible (purple) spectrum targeted directly to the virus (within the c family of viruses).
Direct coercion of the immune to create the T cells to kill it and a direct information to the virus cells to shut down the replication system.


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