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Sha’Carri Richardson and Jordan Chiles’ Bizarre Diet Choices & Mental Health Mechanisms Out Before Paris Olympics

Sha’Carri Richardson and Jordan Chiles have a huge responsibility on their shoulders come the Paris Olympics. Thus, besides grinding on the track and inside the gymnasium for their training, the duo has dedicated their entire focus to having a proper meal plan as well. To cater to the needs of these world-class athletes, Danone, a food company, has teamed up with them to fulfill their dietary requirements to the fullest. A look at their website would reveal that the brand specializes in drinkable yogurts and other dairy products that are rich in protein. 

The range of products offered by Danone also helps in keeping the gut healthy, lowers excessive sugar levels, and has many more benefits. Thus, quite expected, both Chiles and Richardson sounded pretty much satisfied after trying Danone’s wide range of healthy snacks. What’s more, the brand has also become a go-to alternative for Richardson when she is not in the mood to eat! 

Sha’Carri Richardson stresses self-care and diet ahead of Paris


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Sha’Carri Richardson recently sat down in an exclusive interview with The Healthy. When asked about her routine and what keeps her going, Richardson pointed out one major difference. She stated that this year; she was keeping herself hydrated and was keeping a tab of the food she ate. Reflecting on the same, Richardson gave a chunk of credit to Danone’s products.

She said,One of the quick drinks or snacks I like to grab are the Oikos Pro Drinks, with 23 grams of protein, or the Pro Shots, with 10 grams of protein. It’s so convenient and it allows me to go about my day while still getting something that is filling and protein-packed on the go. If I don’t want a full meal after practice, I know I can turn to these new products and get a similar protein level in my body.” 

Richardson talked about the importance of sleep. The 24-year-old mentioned that she made it a strict habit of going to sleep within 10 pm to allow her body ample time to heal. She also mentioned soaking inside the tub and keeping herself surrounded by positive energy to keep her mental health at optimum levels.

Interestingly, while Sha’Carri Richardson praises the Danone brand, another Paris frontrunner, Jordan Chiles, is equally mesmerized by the brand. The decorated gymnast is currently going through a packed schedule as she prepares for the OlympicsWhile it is very easy to miss meals in between, Chiles has a savior.

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She said,Turning to a Too Good & Co. Smoothie in the morning or even between events is a great snack option for me, as it tastes great, is lower on sugar, and is super convenient to throw in my bag – it’s my favorite sidekick to help me stick the landing!


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Thus, it is pretty evident that Danone is indeed doing a great job in helping our stars reach their daily dietary goals while keeping them fit at the same time. Unfortunately, such was not the case with Jordan Chiles earlier. She had a very unhealthy relationship with food previously. 

Jordan Chiles recalls 800 calories diet


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Recalling her early gymnastics days, Chiles remembered about a time when she ate only 800 calories a day. The reason? Well, her coach made her believe that if she didn’t consume clear-based soup, she would never become an athlete. With no other way out, Jordan Chiles continued sticking to the unhealthy diet and developed a toxic relationship with food. Speaking about the same, Chiles said, The truth is, I developed a very unhealthy relationship with food because of that.” 

Fortunately for Jordan Chiles, she managed to leave behind the toxic environment and learned all about diet and nutrition. Now, Chiles has a habit of eating healthy, but she also munches on her favorite pizza occasionally if she wants to. And with her recent tie-up with Danone, more of her dietary problems are surely solved so that she can solely focus on her Olympics dreams.

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