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Should You Add Toddler Items To Your Baby Registry?

It’s normal to have questions about what—or what not—to add to a baby registry. First-time moms or even moms expecting their second, third or fourth babies create them to group together all the things their new baby might need. Some also consider including toddler items for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to help you decide whether this is something you should do.

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If It’s Your First Baby

When creating your first-ever baby registry, wanting to prepare for anything and everything is a given. This thought process leads parents-to-be to research what would cover all the bases for childbirth, the newborn stage, and beyond. Nearly 60 percent of moms even create registries at multiple retailers, according to research.


Many sources say to focus on the first six months when compiling a registry for the first time. This is a good strategy for a mom that may feel overwhelmed with all the things they should have. Toddler items would not typically get used for a year or more, which is why many moms wonder if they should be added to a baby registry at all.

However, some moms that want to diversify their collection to span the ages and stages beyond the first six months. Including clothing in the toddler sizes or a really cool educational toy is entirely up to the parent. If there are a lot of family members or friends that want to purchase registry items, then it’s a simple way to stock up while you can. The only downside is that if too many people buy items meant to benefit the child later, then many critical baby items could be left unclaimed.

If It’s Not Your First Baby

Sometimes moms expecting their second, third, or even fourth babies will create a registry for baby sprinkles or well-meaning people in their life that want to celebrate the newest bundle of joy. This can make questions about baby registry items even more complicated, according to etiquette experts.

“Traditionally, baby showers were for first-time parents who were getting started and needed everything from diapers to draperies for their newborn. Second, third, and fourth babies make the decision more difficult, because many people have an abundance of things and need very little. However, much like birthdays and other special events, it’s a great reason to celebrate.”

Moms need a registry to point people to if asked. Disposable items like diapers, wipes, and toiletry items are always needed, but there may be items they had from their first baby that can be reused. This leaves parents wondering what other items to add if they will be recycling things like bottles, clothes, teethers, bathtubs, and other similar products. This is when expecting parents might consider adding some toddler items–even though it is technically a baby registry.

One scenario is that mom is fully stocked on baby items, and people still want to shower her with gifts, so the toddler stage is where she has more needs. When the new baby enters the toddler stage, the seasoned mom may have learned from experience that certain items are a necessity.

Or, it’s possible that a toddler item on the registry is for the new baby’s sibling. Toddlers will need to be entertained so that mom can nurse or rest, or maybe even items would be used for times they feel special—like the new baby isn’t getting all the attention. In fact, sources say that jealousy will happen with older brothers and sisters of new babies—it’s not a matter of ‘if’. It’s a perfectly normal, albeit difficult, part of the transition when growing your family.

Sometimes, it’s easier to soften the blow by ensuring that the older sibling receives attention and validation by small actions like including items on a registry that will help. Many moms feel guilty about this, so items for them might be just as essential as baby items.

At the end of the day, it’s your baby registry. Moms can add whatever they want to: it’s up to the people doing the gifting to decide what they’ll purchase. Providing all the options that make sense for your family is your choice. Don’t feel bad about doing what you feel is best as long as you understand the pros and cons.

Sources: Baby Center,, Scholastic

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