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Simple Ways New Moms Can Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for all of us, but especially for new moms. Not only do new moms typically struggle with sleep deprivation, physical recovery from childbirth, and hormonal changes, but many are pumping and/or nursing. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends that anyone breastfeeding consume 16 cups per day of water to make up for the extra water your body uses to produce breastmilk.

And we know that in general, water helps to improve nearly every facet of our health. With all that’s going on in a new mama’s life, though, it can be really challenging to stay hydrated. Here are ten tips for ensuring adequate water intake throughout the busy days and nights that come with new motherhood.

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10 Set A Timer

Picture of hourglass with red sand

This sounds straightforward—and it is! There are so many things to remember as a new mom, and taking care of ourselves often isn’t at the top of our list. By setting a timer on our phone or watch to go off every so often, moms can get that gentle nudge to drink their water.

9 Limit Dehydrators

Woman sipping steaming mug of coffee

There are certain things we reach for to quench our thirst that actually has the opposite effect. Drinks such as coffee, alcohol, sodas, or juices can actually dehydrate us—causing our attempts to backfire! Caffeine and alcohol are known for dehydrating our bodies and there are added sugars in juice and soda that make us thirstier, too.

8 Stay In Tune With Your Body’s Cues

Photo of a woman's chest with sweat
via Pexels/Ron Lach-9165664

The Cleveland Clinic says:

“If you’re thirsty, you’re already mildly dehydrated, and that can cause symptoms like headache, fatigue, dizziness and more.”

Prevent this by proactively staying on top of your hydration level and not allowing yourself to feel thirsty. Simple cues like a parched mouth or dry lips and tongue are indicators that your body needs to hydrate. If you’re sweating or exerting energy, don’t wait too long. Keep water or hydrating options accessible, plentiful, and desirable!

7 Explore Flavored & Carbonated Water Options

Cup of ice, water, fruit and spiral straw
Via Pexels: Image by Naim Benjelloun

Simply drinking plain water can get boring after a while, and sometimes the temptation to taste something flavorful can cause us to reach for a sugary juice or soda option when we know that isn’t what’s best for our health or hydration. Luckily, there are dozens of flavored water brands that exist now, the majority of them sold in nearly any convenience store or major retailer. Sparkling waters come in all flavor varieties, too, mixing it up for our taste buds. Some might even trick your body into thinking you’re having a treat—but it’s just water!

6 Try Fruit & Veggie-Infused Waters

Glass of water with strawberry being dropped inside

Something you may have seen at parties or at family gatherings is water that’s infused with real fruits and/or vegetables. It looks pretty, it changes up the flavor aside from regular water, and is completely natural—no artificial flavoring or added sugars. Plus, moms will reap the vitamin and mineral benefits of whatever fruit or veggie has been added to the water. Popular combinations include lemon-lime water, cranberry pomegranate, cucumber mint, and many others.

5 Know Which Non-Water Drinks Do Help With Hydration

Photo of glass of milk pictured with grass in background

While water is the simplest, surest, most efficient way to ensure you’re hydrated, there are things that will hydrate you besides water. We know what not to opt for, but let’s talk about what you should keep an eye out for if water just isn’t cutting it anymore. Milk, herbal tea, Chia water, coconut water, and some natural juices are among the options recommended by NDTV Food. Their water content is higher than other choices and may provide other health benefits. Just keep an eye on the ingredient label for unwanted additions.

4 Eat Watery Foods

Photo of multiple slices of watermelon

Hydration can be improved with more than what we drink. Consider integrating water-based foods into your diet for extra hydration as you snack. Things like watermelon, grapes, cucumber, and other melons are not only packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for us but have a higher water content.

3 Keep Plenty Of Water By Your Bedside

Woman laying in bed with eyemask on

New motherhood is often spent sleeping—or trying to! Instead of navigating water refills in between night wakings or interrupted chunks of sleep, just keep a full helping of water next to your bed for easy access. Nights are a great opportunity to hydrate, if and when you find yourself awake. Knowing exactly where your water jug is will be one less thing to worry about.

2 Consider A Bulk Water System

Silver water faucet with a drop of water

Don’t let the fear of running out of water or using too many plastic bottles deter you from getting the hydration you need. Having a way to access large amounts of potable water is key to ensuring an adequate supply. Water filters you can place on a kitchen sink, keep in the refrigerator, or even heavy-duty water dispensers are all possibilities to be explored, based on lifestyle needs and budget. Options are nearly endless these days.

1 Get A Tracking Cup For Easy Intake Monitoring

Plastic water jug with tracking indicators and fruit

Not sure how much water you’ve had so far today—or how much more you need to consume before the day is over? There are cups that help to keep it simple and provide you with a goal. Jugs are sold in gallon and half-gallon sizes that allow you to know where you’re at with just a quick look. No critical thinking is required, just glance at the water level and how many times, if any, it’s been refilled. Any water container with a clear measurement indicator can also be used if larger jugs aren’t convenient. Just divide your daily water goal by the water jug’s measurements and factor in how many times it should be filled.

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated. New moms on the go need simple solutions for keeping their bodies hydrated. It’s possible to increase your water intake in a variety of ways. When you’re healthy, you can take better care of your babies. They are worth it—and so are you!

Sources:, NDTV Food, The Cleveland Clinic

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