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Six ways to eat well when you’re very busy

Six ways to eat well when you’re very busy

Prep, prep, prep

“The surest way to get caught out and resort to bad food choices is lack of preparation,” says Simon Waterson, personal trainer to Hollywood stars including Daniel Craig, Tom Hiddlestone and Chris Pratt. “When we’re filming on location I make sure clients have nutritious shakes and smoothies prepared in advance to boost energy. I will also make up ginger and turmeric shots to boost immunity because busy schedules can make you vulnerable to illness.” 

Best-selling author and nutrition expert Sam Rice says you should never leave things to chance. “Nuts, individual cheese portions, hummus and crackers, and fruit are all easy, quick, and nutritious and you can grab these before you leave the house.”

Put down the Haribos

“Sugary snacks are the easiest thing to grab on the go but also the worst,” says Waterson. “They will give you a short burst of energy but then a massive crash as you go hyperglycemic. This in turn makes you crave more sugar and you get into a vicious cycle. The trick is to just avoid any sugar in the first place.” 

Rice goes one step further and suggests giving all simple carbs (including white bread) the swerve. “Instead, look for complex carbs that provide slow-release energy and fibre, such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, chickpeas, and lentils,” she says. “Many fast-food places these days offer tasty salad options that combine these sorts of ingredients.

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