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Small equipment can have a big impact on your practice

Kent Express Dental Supplies discusses the range of dental equipment available to order today and the impact that it can have on your practice.

Keeping your practice up to speed with the growth of dental technology isn’t easy, nor is knowing the difference between truly game-changing equipment and the nice to haves.

As a leading UK mail order dental suppliers, Kent Express Dental Supplies is perfectly qualified to recommend the equipment pieces that can make a huge impact on the day-to-day running of your practice.


Ultimate Power+ Handpieces

BA International is Kent Express’ leading handpiece brand, with over 100,000 users worldwide.

Renowned for their superb handling, practical functionality and lightweight design, BA handpieces range from entry level to premium titanium Ultimate Power+ Turbines.

Manufactured exclusively in Germany, Ultimate Power+ handpieces are built with DLC coated ball bearings that add considerable corrosion resistance and make the handpiece low maintenance.

The quadruple (four-port) spray that comes as standard provides optimal cooling and minimises any chances of pulp injury, whilst the built-in fibre optics and small head size improve visibility.

The BA Ultimate Power+ is ideal if you’re looking to improve comfort and performance during your cavities and crown prep, extend the lifespan of your handpiece and enhance patient safety.


Optima E+ Endo Motor

One of the most challenging aspects of any root canal treatment can be finding true working length, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most important.

Successful treatment depends on this. For every millimetre short the estimation, the chances of a successful outcome lessen.

While the arrival of electronic apex locators several decades ago provided a major breakthrough in speed and accuracy, the newest game-changing innovation is built-in apex locators.

While standalone electronic apex locators are accurate, they are limited in that they require the dentist to switch between devices during treatment.

Endodontic motors with integrated apex locators, such as the cordless Optima E+ from BA, eliminates the need for switching, which can streamline your endo procedures and reduce chair time.


Acteon C50 Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are slowly becoming an essential part of modern-day dentistry and the shift towards minimally invasive care.

Cameras like the C50 from Acteon can capture real-time, high-resolution intraoral images that can be instantly shared with your patient chairside.

This can simplify communication, increase treatment acceptance rates and motivate patients to practice good oral hygiene at home.

The C50 camera is easily integrated into any software and is fully compatible with Twain, DICOM, Windows, AIS and Mac software for a seamless set-up.


PXPIX2 Digital Imaging Scanner

The materials and technology used in phosphor plate radiography continues to get better and enhance the quality and speed of dental X-rays.

Phosphor plate radiography is considered by many to be the least expensive way to convert from analogue to digital imaging and have the easiest learning curve as the techniques are near identical.

Phosphor imaging plates can be easily retrofitted to existing rooms and used in multiple X-ray sites since digital imaging scanners can be shared between rooms.

The initial purchase of a digital scanner will be the most expensive part of the conversion process, but this machine can last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Imaging plates scanners like the Acteon PSPIX2 can receive images in seconds. It has a compact design that is as much as three times smaller than other image plate scanners and is one of the only scanners with optional removable parts that can be sterilised in an autoclave for maximum protection.

Implant dentistry

Osstell Beacon

Efficient assessment and monitoring of implant stability is vital for the success and longevity of dental implant treatment.

The Osstell Beacon from W&H uses RFA (resonance frequency analysis) to non-invasively determine implant stability in a matter of seconds and provide several additional benefits to simplify and improve implant outcomes.

The Osstell Beacon measures both primary and secondary stability using RFA technology based on more than 1,000 scientific studies.

This ability to monitor implant stability during the osseointegration process can allow you to treat every patient individually and move into the restorative phase of treatment only when it is clear the patient is ready.

Other advantages include wireless technology for greater freedom of moment and results which are easy to interpret thanks to the simple colour scheme. 

Scaling and Polishing

Ulticlean UC500L

Many hygienists now use ultrasonic scalers because of the advantages they hold over hand scaling.

As well as being gentler on the gums, ultrasonic scalers save time and remove hard plaque that neither hand scalers nor regular sonic scalers can.

For an ultra-modern approach to prevention, cleaning and minimally invasive prophylaxis treatments, consider the new Ulticlean UC500L Scaling and Polishing system from BA International.

The UC500L combines the latest ultrasonic and air polishing technologies into a single unit, to efficiently eliminate biofilm and decrease the necessity for manual and mechanical instrumentation.

The unit is extremely simple to use with a user-friendly touch dial LCD panel for powder and water, and an automatic sensor system for an easy visual guide when a handpiece is picked up.

All of the products featured in this article are available from Kent Express Dental Supplies, with free next working day delivery available when you order online.

For equipment orders over £1,000 plus VAT, 0% finance is available subject to status. 

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