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South West Dentistry Show – lecture theatre overview

With just three weeks to go, find out who is speaking at the 2024 South West Dentistry Show and the topics that will be discussed.

The countdown is on for this year’s South West Dentistry Show!

Join us on Saturday 29 June at Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol, and meet the wonderful speakers gracing the stage this year. The 2024 South West Dentistry Show is absolutely brimming with the latest information, trends and topics in dentistry!

And best of all, every lecture is CPD-verified, so you won’t want to miss out!

While it’s completely free to attend, registration is essential. Don’t miss out on this perfect occasion to keep up with the latest advancements in the dental industry. Click here to register today and secure your spot at the South West Dentistry Show!

Lecture Zone One

Brittany Pittham – Progression opportunities

This talk will give an insight into Brittany’s career and progression within the dental sector. Brittany will speak about development opportunities for dental nurses and how to be an integral part of a successful practice.

May Bassett – Transitioning to private practice: a four-pillar approach

May will show you how young dental professionals can smoothly sail through the transition to private practice, setting a solid groundwork for lasting professional development and patient delight!

Neil Carmichael – Building a workforce for modern dentistry

This lecture will define the dentistry access problem, using economic and social data, and its impact on oral health. In exploring the causes, three key themes will be developed: workforce planning, structural relationships within the healthcare system and the future of dentistry.

Rebecca Silver – Moral and ethical challenges facing dental nurses

Addressing intricate ethical issues in dental nursing, focusing on upholding professionalism, patient rights, autonomy and navigating moral dilemmas with integrity.

Himesh Patel – The 30-minute comprehensive implant assessment – taking a single tooth case to a full mouth rehab

This presentation aims to explore simple factors that can be quickly observed during an initial assessment that may help to offer a prospective implant patient a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Gary Moynes – Adin implants in clinical practice – their use in various clinical scenarios, and moving from analogue towards digital solutions

Dr Moynes will offer an overview of the versatility and clinical applications of the Adin implant system. How the features of the system integrate well with various techniques, including moving towards the future with fully guided digital pathways.

Dr Shabnam Zai – How to set up your squat practice: step by step guide

This is for all dentists who dream about setting up their own dental practice. Shabnam is someone who took the leap to set up her own dental practice and promises to give you the confidence and clarity to do the same.

Lecture Zone Two

Aly Virani – Understanding full arch implant therapy and workflows that can change lives

This presentation will cover the options available for full arch implant treatment, indications for each modality, common mistakes (and their consequences) and how to avoid them. He will explain contemporary workflows that are revolutionising full arch treatment through the use of technology and collaboration.

Marcos White – 3D printed veneers

Zero prep 3D printed veneers. Same day in house 3D printed smile makeovers. No lab. No second visit. Watch Marcos demonstrate three workflows for 3D printed veneers that will change the way you think about ‘composite bonding’ and open your mind to new business models for your practice.

Ali Al Hassan – Associate to super associate to practice owner: a dental journey

Ali will discuss career progression and the biggest factors that helped him take the steps from an associate, looking for a good job, to super associate working on my own terms and then practice owner.

Bal Nandra – Early interceptive orthodontics and the use of aligners with children, the current evidence-based orthodontics

Dr Bal will be providing insight for GDPs on how to support the clinical management of common problems presenting in the mixed dentition, with evidence-based orthodontics.

Marco Cascone – Soft tissue management in restorative dentistry

The purpose of this session is to provide a concise overview of managing deep-margin restorations in daily dental practice. The lecture will cover the relevant anatomy for resective surgical treatment to aid clinical decision-making. With the right knowledge, many teeth that may initially be deemed unrestorable can be restored .

Ray Cox – How money can help your practice

Money is a key element for the success of any business and dentistry is no exception. Ray will offer insights from his long career in the finance world to how money can be made to work best for the benefit of today’s dentists.

Awaz Sharief – Minimally invasive endodontics

This lecture will explore how minimally invasive endodontics can be applied to general dental practice according to the latest evidences. This will include the management of deep caries, the indications and procedure related to pulpotomy and regenerative endodontic procedures.

Tim Collyer – Top strategies for maximising your income in retirement

In this presentation, Tim will be looking at how through shrewd financial planning, principal dentists can negotiate the highly complex pathway to retirement – including how they can grow their practice, achieve a successful sale, avoid tax traps and maximise their savings to secure the retirement of their dreams and a secure future for themselves and their family.

CPD Theatre

Jo-Anne Taylor – Dentolegal considerations when providing aesthetic and cosmetic treatment

This presentation plans to highlight some of the challenges that dental professionals can face when providing aesthetic and cosmetic treatments and highlight ways that these challenges can be overcome.

Philip Lewis – The early detection of mouth cancer – an initiative for the whole dental team

This presentation is aimed at showing the importance of every dental team member in maximising efficiency in our efforts to ensure timely diagnosis. In addition it stresses the importance of self-examination among the wider population.

Preetee Hylton – Safeguarding, an essential in dentistry

All team members of a dental organisation are responsible for the safeguarding of patients and their colleagues; the most effective way to ensure children, young people and vulnerable adults are kept safe is for dental professionals’ to educate themselves to recognise signs of various types of abuse and be confident in raising concern, should the need arise.

It’s free to attend, but registration is essential! Make sure you save your spot today by visiting

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