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Study finds 57% of patients have dentine hypersensitivity

Study finds 57% of patients suffer from dentine hypersensitivity

Colgate discusses the prevalence of dentine hypersensitivity and explores potential solutions that can be recommended to patients.

A study in Dental Clinics of North America found that 57% of patients suffer from dentine hypersensitivity (Addy, 1990). ‘Dentine hypersensitivity is characterised by short, sharp pain arising from exposed dentine in response to stimuli – typically thermal, evaporative, tactile, osmotic, or chemical – which cannot be ascribed to any other dental defect or pathology.’ (Addy, 2002)

Sensitivity patients need an effective solution that not only stops the pain immediately, but also provides long-lasting relief, independently of what they eat or drink. There are two routes for dentine hypersensitivity to occur: enamel loss or gingival recession. Both lead to the exposure of dentine, and the opening of the dentine tubules.

Solutions for dentine hypersensitivity

The PRO-ARGIN technology in the Colgate SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief range contains arginine and calcium that builds into a complex, forming a calcium-rich layer that occludes and seals open dentine tubules. When binding to the dentine surface, the calcium-rich layer instantly* occludes the open dentine tubules (Nathoo et al, 2009). The strong calcium-rich layer provides long-lasting** relief from the pain of sensitive teeth (Docimo, 2009).

The new formula of Colgate SENSITIVE INSTANT* Relief Repair + Multi-Protection now also contains added zinc phospate, promoting faster build-up of the protective layer and increased acid resistance (Colgate-Palmolive, 2021). This provides:

  • 60.5% Reduction in sensitivity pain from the first use (Nathoo et al, 2009)
  • 80.5% Long-lasing reduction in sensitivity pain (Docimo et al, 2009)
  • And superior dental tubule occlusion (Liu et al, 2022).

Gingival recession as a result of gum problems is a key cause for dentine hypersensitivity. Colgate SENSITIVE INSTANT Relief Repair + Gum Care can be recommended for patients needing sensitivity relief + gum protection (Lai et al, 2015). This provides instant* and long-lasting** relief as well as strengthening gums to help prevent recession (Lai et al, 2015).

Recommend Colgate SENSITIVE INSTANT Relief for instant (Nathoo et al, 2009) and long-lasting (Docimo et al, 2009) pain relief.


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*For instant relief, apply directly to the sensitive tooth with a fingertip and massage gently for one minute, up to twice a day. For children six-12 years, once a week or less frequently.

**With continued use two times per day. For lasting relief, apply to a gentle toothbrush making sure to brush all sensitive areas of the teeth.

This article is sponsored by Colgate.

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