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Study Reveals 42% of Dental Students Spend 8 Hours a Day on Smartphones

Introduction: Recent research conducted among dental students in Hyderabad and Rangareddy district unveils startling statistics regarding smartphone addiction, shedding light on its impact on sleep quality and mental wellbeing.

Study Details: Led by researchers Turaga Sai Susmitha, S Jagadeeswara Rao, and Dolar Doshi from the government dental college & hospital in Hyderabad, the study titled “Influence of Smartphone Addiction on Sleep and Mental Wellbeing among Dental Students” delved into the smartphone usage habits of 427 undergraduate dental students.

Prevalence of Smartphone Addiction: The study reveals that 42% of participants exhibited signs of smartphone addiction, spending a significant portion of their day engrossed in digital activities.

Effects on Sleep Quality and Mental Wellbeing: Addiction to smartphones was closely associated with poor sleep quality and decreased mental wellbeing among dental students, highlighting the detrimental impact of excessive screen time on overall health.

Usage Patterns: Social networking emerged as the primary reason for smartphone usage, particularly among addicts who displayed a preference for nighttime usage, while non-addicts tended to utilize their devices more in the evening.

Gender Disparities: Despite a higher percentage of female participants(79%), addiction levels did not significantly differ by gender, underscoring the universality of smartphone dependency among dental students.

Consequences of Addiction: Addicts spent an alarming 6 to 8 hours per day on smartphones, leading to disruptions in daily life, compromised sleep quality, and withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and physical discomfort.

Conclusion: The study underscores the urgent need to address smartphone addiction among dental students and advocates for initiatives aimed at promoting healthier technology usage habits to safeguard their overall wellbeing.

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