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Study Reveals Hardy Nutritionals’ Daily Essential Nutrients Improves Mental Health in Pregnant Women and Optimizes Baby Outcomes

Key Findings for the Mothers:

Improved Mental Health Outcomes

Daily Essential Nutrients (DEN) significantly improved both self-rated and clinician-rated depression, global functioning, and sleep quality in pregnant women relative to placebo controls, with nearly double the number of women taking micronutrients identifying themselves as being “much” or “very much” improved. Women with personality difficulties benefited the most from the micronutrients (i.e. those with difficulty making & keeping friends, impulsive, untrusting, short-tempered, worriers, perfectionists).

Safety, Tolerability, and Efficacy

The researchers concluded that the micronutrients were safe, and the “outcomes were comparable to those obtained using psychotherapy but achieved with much less contact.” Furthermore, improvements in global functioning show that “the impact of micronutrients is likely not specific to one dimension of pathology (e.g. depression), but may better serve as an overall metabolic tune-up.” “These findings align with the growing body of literature highlighting the potential advantage of an abundant nutritional environment in improving brain health.”

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Key Findings for the Babies:

Enhanced Neonatal Outcomes

Babies from moms who took DEN for depression during pregnancy were significantly better off than newborns from moms taking pharmaceutical antidepressants on 6 out of 7 physiological and neurological measures (habituation to disturbances, orientation to sights and sounds, motor control, regulation of state, autonomic stability, and normal reflexes).

The “DEN babies” even outperformed babies from otherwise healthy, unmedicated moms on 3 of the 7 measures (habituation to disturbances, motor control, and autonomic stability)! 

Optimal Gestation and Birth

Micronutrient-exposed infants were also more likely to be carried to full term than infants from healthy, unmedicated mothers and mothers taking antidepressants, which bodes well for the lifelong outcomes of the child.

For full access, see the following link:

Holistic Approach to Mental Health in Pregnancy

The researchers determined that the micronutrients successfully improved psychological functioning in the mothers and birth outcomes for the infants, mitigating some of the known risks to infants which can result from antenatal depression in the mothers.

The comprehensive nature of Daily Essential Nutrients, which includes a wide range of vitamins and minerals, supports overall mental health and well-being. This holistic approach addresses the nutritional deficiencies that often contribute to depressive symptoms, providing a more natural and balanced treatment option.

The researchers postulated that the benefits of Daily Essential Nutrients compared to typical over-the-counter prenatal supplements may be due to “a higher dose [and a] more balanced variety of nutrients.”

“Overall, our results indicate that micronutrient supplementation given above the Recommended Dietary Allowance during pregnancy appears safer relative to existing treatment options for women with depression and may even launch these infants to a better start in life.”

Note: There are no financial ties between Hardy Nutritionals and the University of Canterbury or any of the researchers.


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2. “Effect of antenatal micronutrient or antidepressant exposure on Brazelton neonatal behavioral assessment scale within 1 month of birth”
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SOURCE Hardy Nutritionals

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