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Tammy Slaton’s Mental Health Struggles Amid Weight Loss Journey (How She’s Working On Her Physical & Emotional Well Being)


  • Dr. Eric Smith shares the link between obesity and mental health during #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth.
  • Tammy’s weight loss journey involved diet, surgery, and bariatric cognitive therapy, transforming her life.
  • Amy’s weight loss success led to two children, a divorce, and prioritization of mental health after her split.



Since the 2020 premiere of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton has lost over 400 pounds but has had to struggle with her mental health while doing it. The show centers around the weight-loss journeys of Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton. When they made their television debut, Amy weighed 400 pounds, and Tammy was nearing 680 pounds. Losing weight wasn’t easy for either sister, but it took Tammy much longer to achieve some of her health and fitness goals.

When Tammy embarked on her weight-loss journey, she faced failure at every turn. Though she was constantly on a diet, the 1000-lb Sisters season 5 star seemed to gain weight every time she stepped on a scale. After a health scare landed Tammy in a medically induced coma, she realized she would die if she didn’t do something about her weight. In addition to diet, exercise, and bariatric surgery, Tammy had to address her food addiction through bariatric cognitive therapy. Addressing her mental health was a crucial aspect of Tammy’s extraordinary weight-loss journey.


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Tammy Slaton Posted About Obesity And Mental Health

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

In May, Tammy’s bariatric surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, posted an Instagram video with the caption, “May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, a critical time to recognize the connection between obesity and mental well-being.” The video features Tammy, along with other bariatric patients, sharing their mental health struggles. For Tammy’s part, she explained that obesity made her feel trapped inside her own body. Before Tammy lost weight, she felt like a prisoner as she barely left her home.

Once Tammy regained her mobility and independence, the 1000-lb Sisters star wasted no time getting out of the house. Her social media feed is jam-packed with photos and footage from her various outings, social events, and even Slaton family vacations. She was even able to take her first airplane ride. Tammy, who used to complain about feeling lonely and left out, is now a social butterfly. Forming strong relationships and getting out more has been a major boost to Tammy’s mental health and well-being.

According to Dr. Eric Smith, individuals living with obesity face a 30-70% higher risk of developing a mental illness.

Tammy’s Weight Loss Journey

Highs And Lows

After waking up from her medically induced coma, Tammy checked herself into a weight-loss rehabilitation facility. With diet, exercise, bariatric psychological treatment, and weight-loss surgery, Tammy lost an incredible 400 pounds and looks like a whole new woman. With her newfound confidence, Tammy has more independence and leads a more active lifestyle. She has undergone a complete transformation in her appearance, lifestyle, and even emotional state. Since losing weight, Tammy’s life has changed completely.

Once she no longer needed a wheelchair, walker, ramp, specialty van, or oxygen tank, she was free to live the life she always wanted. Also, Tammy had always wanted to go to Disney World, but, at her former size, it wasn’t possible. It was a major milestone when Amy recently posted photos to TikTok of the 1000-lb Sisters stars at the Magic Kingdom.

Going from size 8XL to size 2XL opened up a whole universe of fashion options, and Tammy has been busy exploring her style.

Tammy’s Emotional Struggles

She Was An Emotional Eater

1000-lb Sisters Tammy and Amy told People that the origins of their weight gain date back to childhood, and they attribute it to genetics, emotional eating, and socioeconomic factors. “I’ve always had a weight issue,” Tammy said. “I was born 9 lbs. 10 oz., and then I just kept gaining.” “Our whole family’s big,” Amy added. Their mother worked a lot, so their grandmother helped raise them. When their grandmother died, Tammy says she ate to fill the void.

Using food as a coping mechanism became a full-blown food addiction for the
1000-lb Sisters

While she was residing at the diet rehabilitation facility, Tammy met, fell in love with, and married a fellow patient named Caleb Willingham. Caleb, a rapper and poet, was also struggling with a food addiction. Tammy and Caleb fell in love and were married in 2022. Unlike her past boyfriends, Caleb didn’t hold Tammy back from losing weight. Sadly, 41-year-old Caleb died in 2023, only six months after the couple tied the knot, due to complications caused by his obesity. During the finale of 1000-lb Sisters season 5, Tammy buried her husband and found herself widowed and on her own.

Amy Slaton Has Struggled Too

She’s Prioritizing Her Mental Health

While Tammy failed to start her weight-loss journey until 1000-lb Sisters season 4, Amy was able to get going right away. Amy had always dreamed of having children but was too overweight to do so at 400 pounds. She received weight loss surgery during the show and lost 125 pounds. Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman, went on to have two sons, Gage and Glenn Halterman. 1000-lb Sisters season 5 revealed Amy’s domestic challenges as she grappled with caring for her two young children with a lack of support from her husband.

Sadly, Amy and Michael’s marriage fell apart, and they finalized their divorce in 2023.

Since her contentious divorce, Amy has struggled with her mental health. She sought help and was diagnosed with acute stress disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder disorder. 1000-lb Sisters season 5 revealed Amy’s domestic challenges as she grapples with caring for her two young children as a newly single mom. In a December 2023 exclusive interview with People, Amy candidly discussed her decision to prioritize mental health and parenting over the pursuit of weight loss. “You can’t have weight loss without mental health,” Amy explained.

Tammy Slaton


No children

Lost 400+ pounds

Amy Slaton


2 children

Lost 125 pounds

1000-lb Sisters

season 1-5 can be streamed on Discovery+.

Sources: Dr. Eric Smith/Instagram, Amy Slaton/TikTok, People, People

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