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Teenagers are getting mental health advice from TikTok

Teenagers are getting mental health advice from TikTok

“I was dating someone last year and forgot they existed while we were dating,” @saranne_wrap proclaimed on TikTok. The influencer explained she was surprised to hear from her love interest when they texted her after a few days of silence and reasoned that because she had ADHD, she lacked “object permanence.” Thus, she could not remember the people she’d been around.

Perhaps she was referring to object constancy, or the ability to maintain a bond with another person despite feelings of hurt or anger, which can be more difficult for people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Or maybe she meant emotional permanence, which refers to the confidence that loved ones still feel affection and care even when they aren’t present.

Lacking object permanence, however, would be an incorrect explanation. The term refers to the ability to recognize that an object exists, even when it’s not directly in your field of view. Babies don’t develop object permanence until they’re about a year old, which is why they find games of peekaboo exciting. There is no evidence that it is connected to ADHD.

This video is just one instance of misnomers and misconceptions about common mental health conditions found on TikTok. Scores of young people on the platform use hashtags like #adhd and #mentalhealth to discuss conditions like borderline personality disorder, autism, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sometimes, these TikTok users are self-diagnosing with these conditions, and there’s no guarantee that any of the information presented…

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