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The Best Toys for 9-Month-Olds, According to Experts

Calling all 9-month-olds for playtime! Your little one is rounding the corner to their first birthday and is quickly embracing all the milestones that will eventually lead to toddlerhood. But for now, play is still the name of the game when it comes to learning. This month, baby may use those crawling skills to pull themself to a stand, or maybe they’ll even start cruising a bit!

The best toys for 9-month-olds encourage them to develop the skills they’ll need as they grow. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite developmental toys for 9-month-olds, plus some tips to keep in mind when shopping for your little one at this age.

What Are Good Toys for 9-Month-Olds?

Generally, a good toy is always an educational toy, says Mark Coster, founder and editor-in-chief of STEM Geek, a website dedicated to STEM activities for kids of all ages. But what does education mean for 9-month-olds? The keyword here is sensory, Coster says. “A good toy will stimulate one or more senses. But at this age, it needs to pair sensory stimulation with basic problem-solving.” Nine-month-old babies are reaching some important milestones, like greater mobility and better fine motor skills. Their playtime should support and encourage these important developments. “At nine months, babies are usually confident sitters and are on the move or very close to crawling,” says Lisa Lohiser, EdD, manager of Early Childhood Development Research at the Fisher-Price Play Lab. “This can include pulling to a stance and even cruising. Toys that make moving fun, like activity tables to pull up on and rolling toys that encourage baby to crawl after them, are great for this age,” Lohiser says.

And it isn’t just gross motor skills that are exploding at this age. Nine-month-old babies are experiencing a huge increase in fine motor skills as well, says Lohiser, so the best toys for 9-month-olds have lots of busy activities for development in that area—things like doors, buttons or spinners. Another great feature for this age group? “Toys that have action/reaction activities so baby can learn cause and effect,” Lohiser says.

As always, when you’re shopping for baby toys, pay attention to the age ratings. These will not only help you pick out playthings that are developmentally appropriate (so baby doesn’t get too bored or too frustrated), but they also indicate what’s a safe toy for this age.

Puzzle Box

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Your little one is putting the finishing touches on fine motor skills like grasping, which is why this cool toy is one of our top picks for the best developmental toys for 9-month-olds. This lightweight box features stretchy bands that allow baby to put the shapes in and take them out again. The chunky blocks feature various textures to further engage their senses. Best of all, parents rave that this is one toy that kids come back to over and over again, even as they grow into toddlers. Age rating: 6 months+

Mark Coster, PhD, is the founder and chief editor of STEM Geek, a website dedicated to STEM activities and toys for kids of all ages. He is an organic chemist with more than 20 years of experience in chemistry research and teaching. Also a father of three, he’s passionate about the power of STEM toys.

Lisa Lohiser, EdD, is a Fisher-Price Play Lab expert, where she provides insights into how kids learn and play and how to best support their development. She has a doctorate in education with a focus on learning and teaching in social contexts, as well as a Master’s degree in creativity and change leadership and a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

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