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The Big Three – clinical complexity made simple

Join Ryan Molis on Wednesday 10 April at 7pm as he discusses the big three – clinical complexity made simple.

Learn about clinical complexity made simple from one of the USA’s most successful Invisalign treatment providers and leading coach.

Session overview

This webinar is designed to help dentists transform their practice with simple changes that lead to Invisalign success. In addition, attendees will learn ClinCheck pro-tips and how to predictably treat a range of malocclusions.

Dr Ryan Molis, a renowned US general dentist, with more than 7,000 solo Invisalign treatment cases to his name, is set to share details of the three transformational practices which have helped to elevate his business during his debut UK webinar on 10 April 2024.

By introducing three steps to achieve more Invisalign starts, attendees will understand the four-minute chairside Invisalign consult. They will also understand how to predictably move an upper lateral and treatment planning for a diastema, a deep bite and an anterior open bite.

His The Big Three – clinical complexity made simple webinar will centre on what Dr Molis believes are three key principles which are essential to success and making clinical complexity more simple:

  • Viewing every patient as an Invisalign treatment prospect
  • Leading every consultation with a simple hygiene discussion
  • A four-minute chairside consultation.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce three steps to achieving more Invisalign starts
  • Understand the four-minute chairside Invisalign consult
  • Understand how to predictably move an upper lateral
  • Understand treatment planning for a diastema, a deep bite, and an anterior open bite.

Click here for the Invisalign Masterclass: Unlocking Practice Growth

Dentistry Webinar – Live Webinar

10 April 7:00pm, London UK

The Big Three – clinical complexity made simple

Ryan Molis

As the founder of Molis Coaching, Dr Ryan Molis puts over 22 years and 7,000 Invisalign cases to work for you. Ryan grew his two solo practitioner practices using Invisalign as a main revenue source. After being asked repeatedly on how he had become a successful Invisalign provider, Ryan was inspired to create Molis Coaching to help other dentists use the same single, simple, easy-to-integrate Invisalign system Ryan had created.

Ryan began his dentistry career part time at two different practices in two very different communities in the Chicago area. He became an early adopter of Invisalign treatment and immersed himself in all the learning he could. Ryan attended dozens of conferences, spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing packages and endured endless trial and error to determine what worked – and what didn’t!

He saw first-hand the costs, challenges, and inefficiencies of decentralised Invisalign education. He also learned from it.  His early start and deep commitment to providing Invisalign treatment to exponentially scale the growth of his practices over time. Eventually, he purchased both practices where he got his start, seamlessly growing the general dentistry and Invisalign offerings of both, and continually refining what worked and eliminating what didn’t. Patterns emerged and a single, simplified system developed.  

Invisalign revenue quickly became over half of the revenue of both practices and became the most exciting – and lucrative – part of the daily experiences of his practices, his team, and his life.

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