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The Dark Side of Medical Tourism Shocking Stories from Mexico | joe Rogan Podcast #joerogan

The video delivers some valuable content about conflicts near the border but could benefit from establishing a stronger personal connection with the viewer. It could include anecdotes or stories related to the topic.
It’s like our idea that we’re going to keep people safe by making drugs illegal is propping up an illegal enterprise worth Untold billions of dollars just some amounts to massive amounts of money like you can’t even process how much money now It’s crazy you know yeah and it’s also responsible for the fentanyl deaths of a hundred thousand people a year It’s like fucking a man crazy times man Yeah I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico to hunt because you Sonora Yeah and a giant mule deer Yeah They have giant mule deer south of the border Really Yeah huge huge Have you seen the mule deer in Mexico Just Google giant mule deer in Mexico Yeah a buddy of mine just went over there and shot a fucking monster And he said I don’t know if I’m going back again He said we had to meet members of the cartel and we pulled up this place these dudes Look at the size of these mule deer Oh goodness look at these things They arrived in the border city on the third of March but never made it to the clinic Members of a violent drug cartel that controls the area mistook the group of Americans as rival traffickers killed two of them and kidnapped McGee and one of her friends McGee and Eric Williams were rescued within days and the bodies of her cousin Shahid Woodward and friend Zindel Brown were later repatriated On Thursday five men who allegedly carried out the attack were dumped on a Matamoros street along with a surreal letter of apology purportedly from the Gulf cartel We ask the public to be calm the letter said in Spanish We are committed that the mistakes caused by indiscipline won’t be repeated and that those responsible pay no matter who they are Fuck man That’s wild dude Yeah I mean That’s wild stuff dude It’s a sketchy place man And it’s fueled by the fact that drugs are illegal That’s what’s crazy It is a crazy place dude Yeah It’s wild that we think about all the different things the conflicts that are happening overseas when one of the most wild conflicts is happening right south of our border and you could literally walk over there Yeah I’m sure you heard about those folks that got killed where these people went down there I think the story is one of the women went over there for plastic surgery I think she went over there They crossed the border I think she’s getting a butt lift or something Cause it’s like cheaper in Mexico Right And they got mistaken for a rival cartel They got mistaken for some sort of rival drug dealers or something And they killed two of them and they kidnapped these Americans and killed two of them Jeez dude Yeah That’s that’s a real recent story Here it is how a trip to Mexico for cosmetic surgery turned deadly for U.S Quartet Deaths of two of four Americans kidnapped at Matamoros placed spotlight on cartels impunity and on medical tourism Jesus Christ This shit is wild man Fucking crazy Yeah So they came from Lake City South Carolina to Matamoros to Malapos just south of the U.S.-Mexico frontier

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