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The growing industry of hair transplant medical tourism in India

Over the last decade, the healthcare infrastructure in India (in the private sector) has improved and caught the attention of patients all over the world. As a result of which, India is gaining popularity as the “Medical Tourism Destination.” 

Many of the men by the time they turn 35, begin to have a receding hairline, and by 45, many among them start losing hair rapidly. While it’s not medically known why people lose hair, or begin to turn bald, a lot of factors are attributed to the loss, viz., from hereditary to ailments to food habits to stress. What is known though is that the primary reason behind the massive growth in the hair transplant industry is that it is mostly the insecurity, and the lack of confidence that has been responsible for hair transplants.  And it isn’t merely replacing a tuft of hair on a scalp that has been the key; it is the sophisticated procedure of relocating a lustrous growth of hair yielding natural-looking results that is the ascribed by many.

The surgery involves a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that implants your hair graft from a donor area to the recipient area. Thankfully nearly 3,50,000 hair transplant surgeries take place in India every year,and since our Indian doctors have the requisite experience and expertise to deliver natural-looking results in hair transplants, medical tourism in India is on the rise. In fact, India seems to be the preferred destination for most people in many countries. Statistics prove that medical tourists come to India to avail our health services which combine the latest medical technologies with qualified professionals and are cheaper for foreigners as compared to the costs of similar healthcare services in their own countries. 

Why India?
More and more people today are opting for hair transplants and are looking out for clinics that offer services at a cost-effective rate all over the globe. And besides dental care, liver, cosmetic care, and even heart surgeries, India is the go-to destination for hair transplants too. It isn’t surprising that India has gained popularity as the “Medical Tourism Destination.” The Ministry of Tourism of India estimated that in 2020, as many as 86,644 foreign tourists arrived in India to seek some sort of medical care in the country. It is estimated to increase to US$ 35.12 Billion from international medical tourist arrivals in 2027, as per the Medical Tourism Report-2022.

Highly skilled surgeons

Indian surgeons are highly skilled and the Indian health sector is backed by WHO and US FDA. While India follows the US surgical standard protocols, the cost between a surgery performed in the USA and in India has a huge difference. In many countries in Asia where such transplants take place, many measures that are a must, are ignored. The protocol for hair transplant surgery is that only the doctor is supposed to perform the surgery and technicians are only present to assist. With medical ethics in place, India sees to it that such intricate surgeries are performed by experts only.

Little wonder that India is home to some of the leading hair restoration surgeons across the globe with high-quality infrastructures delivering great results. The cost of each graft in India at most of the places is ₹30-60 + GST whereas the cost of each graft in the USA is $5-10 which is around ₹400-800/graft. The average cost for a hair transplant surgery with pre+post op care in India is ₹90,000 to ₹ 1,50,000 as compared to ₹ 3,00,000-12,00,000 in the USA for a similar number of grafts. The huge difference between the cost is the biggest driving factor for people to travel thousands of miles to get the surgery done in India.

Grooming for men

The rising demand for aesthetic procedures has been a big contributor to the country’s booming medical tourism. It has driven people to travel miles to get their treatment done. Hair Transplantation is emerging as the major procedure being done in this domain. In the last decade itself, the Hair Transplant Industry has grown by 192%, according to data. According to a census survey, 735,312 people from around the globe travelled to different countries to undergo some form of the hair restoration procedure.


If you’re someone who is looking to get a hair transplant done, it is critical that you do background research on the doctor, who is going to perform your surgery, the results he/she has been able to deliver to their patients, and whether the clinic has all the safety protocols in place.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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