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The smart solution for root canal irrigation

What makes the new SmartLite Pro EndoActivator from Dentsply Sirona the solution for faster and more effective root canal irrigation?

The number one concern for clinicians performing endodontic treatment is cleaning the root canal.

About 35% of canal surfaces are left untouched after instrumentation, mainly due to the anatomical complexities of the root canal system.

However, the long-term success of endodontic procedures depends on a clean canal .

Why root canal irrigation is important

Irrigation is key to successful root canal treatment as it fulfils several important functions.

It works to dissolve and to remove pulp tissue, dental debris, smear layer and microorganisms and their by-products from the root canal.

At the same time, it reduces friction between the instrument and dentine, cools the file and tooth, while improving the cutting efficiency of the files.

Considerations for effective root canal irrigation

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL) in concentrations between 0.5% and 6% is the main irrigating solution used to kill bacteria and dissolve necrotic tissues. Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in a 15% or 17% solution is also commonly used as a chelator and for its smear layer removal properties.

As well as the antibacterial characteristics of the irrigants, the process of delivery is also essential to sufficiently clean the canal, particularly in hard-to-access areas.

A passive bleach soak takes up to 40 minutes to effectively eliminate bacteria. However, many clinicians only soak for fewer than five minutes, potentially leaving behind bacteria that can compromise treatment.

Activating irrigants can help to produce a cleaner surface with more opened dentinal tubules and less remaining debris that allows for better obturation of lateral and accessory canals.

Try the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator

The SmartLite Pro EndoActivator is the latest addition to Dentsply Sirona’s range of endodontic treatment solutions, designed for intracanal activation of irrigation fluids used for cleaning and disinfecting root canals.

With multi-directional movement and 360° rotation, the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator uses elliptical motion and increased energy for effective irrigant activation in ProTaper Ultimate, WaveOne Gold and TruNatomy canals.

The SLP EndoActivator tips have a new parallelogram-shaped cross-sectional design to improve fluid exchange and cleaning potential during root canal irrigation. The tips are made from a non-cutting, medical-grade polymer to make them strong and flexible without ledging, transportation, enlargement or shaping of the canal.

The interchangeable tips are colour-coded with orientational depth gauge rings positioned at 18, 19 and 20mm. Tips are available in three sizes: small (15/02, 22mm in length); medium (25/04, 22mm in length); and the new medium long (25/04, 28mm in length) to better support longer file lengths.

The EndoActivator attachment is the latest addition to the SmartLite Pro modular system, joining the curing light tip and the transillumination tip, enabling the SmartLite Pro to support an even wider variety of clinical procedures.

The experts agree

Dr Clifford J Ruddle said: ‘The goal of global endodontics should be to provide the greatest number of international patients with a 3D disinfection method that is safe, effective, and readily affordable.

‘Importantly, the 3D disinfection method selected should be easy to use and fit seamlessly into a workflow that takes into consideration each pillar of the endodontic triad and its role in endodontic success.

‘If you have the desire to treat root canal and are looking for predictability, possibility, and practicality, look no further than the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator.’

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Find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s range of endodontic solutions.

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