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The takeaways doctors want to cancel – and what to order instead

“Salt for example, can increase blood pressure. A lot of takeaway food also contains high levels of refined carbohydrate, such as white rice or chips, which quickly raises blood sugar levels and is followed by a crash. High-fat diets are linked to obesity and inflammation. Over time obesity carries health risks including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and it is linked to certain cancers.

“Many takeaways offer little in the way of fibre either, so they are not beneficial for gut health. Processed meat, such as ham or salami, is carcinogenic, and the World Cancer Research Fund recommends avoiding it.”

Chinese takeaways, says Cunningham, are the worst culprits. “There is a lot of sugar and salt in many of the sauces. Even something like egg fried rice is fried in oil, not steamed.”

So is this the end of the takeaway? 

Takeaway the pain: healthy swaps for your favourite fast food

Finding out the nutritional values of takeaway food from independent restaurants (as opposed to chains) is notoriously tricky as menus and ingredients vary considerably.

All servings are estimated from a standard takeaway tray for either a main or a side, unless where stated.

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