The TRUTH About Family Medicine | One Of The BEST Medical Specialties

As a medical student I was frequently confronted by “advice” from other students, online influencers and even doctors who would tell me not to get into family medicine because they’re underpaid, over worked and under appreciated. Its been a stereotype that’s definitely made its way into popular medical culture with videos by Dr. Glaucomflecken and others highlighting some of the concerns about the specialty. But is this really the case, or are the statistics a bit more nuanced? Today we’ll be looking at the truth about family medicine as a specialty and talking about some of the process and cons for perspective med school students, residents and physicians considering the specialty as a profession.

⏳ Time Stamps
Intro: 0:00 – 1:17
The Current Family Medicine (FM) Crisis: 1:18 – 2:10
The TRUTH (FM pay): 2:11 – 4:21
The TRUTH (being overworked): 4:22 – 6:33
The TRUTH (it’s boring?): 6:34 – 9:25
The TRUTH (prestige): 9:26 – 12:32
Outro: 12:33 – 14:50

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Hi everyone, its nice to meet you 🤙 My name Is Gianluca and I’m a first year family medicine resident physician at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. I’m just trying to document my experiences throughout my medical training and beyond to hopefully help inspire/guide some other students… and make things more fun for myself 🙂 I post a new video once per week.
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