The U.S. Medical Tourism Advantage: Stats & Facts

The United States leads the world in medical technology and innovation, so it’s little wonder that patients come to America for treatment of various conditions. For patients seeking a safe procedure with a quality surgeon, medical tourism is a golden opportunity.

In 2008 alone, more than four hundred thousand non U-S residents traveled to America for medical care, spending more than five billion dollars.This represented nearly 2% of hospital revenue that year. Furthermore, approximately 8,000 international patients come to the U-S each year in search of specialty care. In recent years, the medical tourism industry has grown even larger.

Current estimates put earnings somewhere between 50 and 60 billion dollars per year. In fact, the combined health and wellness tourism industry could earn as much as 500 billion dollars annually in the next 10 years.

As a leader in U-S healthcare, Las Vegas is investing even more money in an effort to attract medical tourism clients. The city is already the most popular spot for medical conferences in the U-S, along with being home to several very successful and high-profile medical practices that cater to medical tourists.

Since 2014, the city’s Convention and Visitors Authority has put special attention into promoting the city’s healthcare industry, going so far as to hire a medical tourism sales manager.

If you’re considering traveling to Las Vegas for medical care, you should plan on being in the U-S for up to five days for pre-op meetings, the procedure, and recovery, but take into consideration that recovery times may vary by procedure. You should be sure to speak with your doctor to determine your specific recovery period.

Also, while you are responsible for making your own travel arrangements, your doctor might be able to help you secure lodging and transportation. If you’ve never been to the U-S before, medical staff should have some helpful tips about where to stay, when to travel, and how to get around the city.

Patients seeking top tier care from the most advanced medical facilities in the world should contact for more information.

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