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These Moms Can Confirm Maternity Leave Isn’t a Vacation

Despite the many documented benefits of paid family leave—more moms in the workplace, more money in the economy and most importantly, more healthy babies—the United States continues to be one of the only developed countries in the world without a federally mandated paid leave policy.

And while numerous complaints and bureaucratic red tape hold this important legislation at its base, the opposition to paid family leave often lies in the idea that it’s no more than an extended, cushy vacation.

One TikTok user recently went viral for her similarly cushy view of maternity leave. In the short video @otalmage writes in a text overlay that her “Roman Empire” (a viral trend built off the idea that men are thinking about the roman empire at least once a week) is her future maternity leave. “I’m not married or anywhere near ready for a child but I cannot wait to be waited on hand and foot by my husband, eat as much as I want, and not have to move or work all day everyday.”

Not surprisingly moms rushed to the comments to explain that her roman empire definitely wasn’t what she thought it was. “And then all the moms laughed and laughed,” wrote one commenter. “Ohh as someone who is in the thick of it… work is easier,” added another.

Several moms sympathized saying they had thought the same thing before welcoming their babies but knew better now. “Even if you have a supportive partner – it’s so difficult and not at all a vacation from life !! But I was also you once so I get it,” wrote one mom. “who is gonna tell her,” joked another.

Just like no two babies are the same, no two maternity leave experiences are the same either. Whether you have a supportive partner, “easy baby” or a little one that seemingly never sleeps moms around the world can agree leave isn’t just some vacation, it’s an important and magical time for you to bond with baby—a time that’s sorely needed for all moms.

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