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This HEPA Air Purifier With A 5-Year Filter Can Save You Hundreds On Replacements

This HEPA Air Purifier With A 5-Year Filter Can Save You Hundreds On Replacements

Moms, meet your new secret weapon for creating a healthy, happy home for your family. The Shark Never Change Air Purifier MAX is not just about clean air; it’s a game-changer for your peace of mind.

This purifier boasts a HEPA filter that laughs in the face of replacement anxiety. Unlike typical air purifiers that require you to change the filter every three months, Shark’s Neverchange filtration system means you don’t have to worry about buying new filters. That’s a savings of $300 over five years, not to mention saving you the worry, hassle, and stress of tracking down and changing said filters, which is priceless.

Speaking of savings, you can also snag the Shark Never Change Air Purifier MAX for $50 off right now.

But here’s the real kicker – silence. In the tumultuous symphony of family life, this device operates at a whisper-quiet 37.2 decibels on its lowest setting. That’s quieter than the hum of your refrigerator at 55 decibels. No more white noise battles during naptime; this purifier keeps things serene.

Plus, thanks to Clean Sense IQ technology, it’s practically clairvoyant. Detecting your home’s air quality, it automatically tweaks its settings, ensuring a pristine environment for your loved ones. Its Debris Defense shield pulls large particles like hair, dust, and dander from the air, so they won’t clog its HEPA filter; this helps it run smoothly for extended periods of time. By regularly releasing a fresh scent, it wards off unpleasant odors, which can be especially beneficial if you’re sensitive to stronger candles or scented sprays. The dimmable lights let you set the mood, while odor-neutralizing tech fills your space with a fresh scent – sans the artificial chemicals.

It’ll purify up to 1,400 square feet at once, so it’s a smart choice for homes of any size. Once you’ve plugged it in and let it run, your space should be mostly free of unwanted pollutants in an hour or less. Use it to refresh multiple rooms at once, or tackle one space at a time; you can even use it during holiday parties and family gatherings to minimize the spread of germs while your guests mix and mingle.

Worried about pet hair, dust, or dander clogging up the works? Fear not. An extra shielding layer intercepts these intruders, ensuring your HEPA filter stays in peak condition for the long haul.

Say goodbye to air purifiers that merely do the basics. Elevate your mom game with this innovation that delivers silence, savings, and a breath of fresh air – literally. Because every superhero mom deserves a sidekick that’s just as formidable.

Fast Facts: Shark Never Change Air Purifier MAX

In a hurry? Here are the key features you’ll want to know about.

  • Covers up to 1,400 square feet
  • HEPA filter lasts up to five years at a time, saving you $300 or more on potential replacements, according to the brand.
  • It’s quiet: The fan runs at five different speeds, with speed 1 running at 37.2 decibels, per Real Home. (To put that into context, a standard refrigerator clocks in at 55 decibels.)
  • Clean Sense IQ technology detects the air quality in your home, and the unit will adjust automatically to suit the reading
  • Lights are dimmable
  • Odor-neutralizing technology fills your space with a fresh scent without artificial fragrances
  • An extra shielding layer pulls large particles like hair, dust, and dander from the air, so they won’t clog the HEPA filter

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