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This Mom Is Baffled By How Some Parents Are So “Chill” At The Playground

One mom on TikTok is talking about her feelings of being on alert with her kids at the park, asking fellow parents how they stay so calm while kids run amok, noting that she wishes she could be that chill.

“Okay, absolutely no hate. Absolutely no judgment. I’m genuinely curious. This is for parents. I want to know because honestly, I think I would like to maybe get to a point where I could be a little bit more relaxed like this,” Lydia began.

“When we go to a playground, there are some parents … Y’all are able to just like sit at a picnic bench … [and] you just chill. Whether you’re reading a book, or you’re like, eating a snack. You’re just very calm And I don’t know how!”

Lydia shared that she has three kids, so when they’re all playing on a playground, she’s constantly working to keep track of all three, repeatedly counting “one, two, three” to make sure her little crew is in her line of vision.

“My nervous system gets absolutely wrecked at a playground because I’m trying to keep track of all three of these children,” she admitted.

“Do I think that someone’s actually going to take my kids? I mean, I don’t know, I feel like it’s pretty unlikely especially since I’m a vigilant parent, but like I would love to sit on a park bench and just like, enjoy the sunshine. How do y’all do that?”

In Lydia’s comment section, several parents provided legit advice for how they stay calm at a playground or any outing with kids.

“Mom of three here (4,6,9) it helps when I put them in matching colors.. all orange shirts for example. My brain can quickly scan 🥰,” one mom noted.

“Mine won’t leave me alone 😂😂 GO PLAY,” another joked.

Another mom shared that she doesn’t do the park solo and often waits for those outings when her husband can also be there to help carry the mental load of watching the kids.

“We homeschool, so we go during the school day when there are less ppl. I prefer to bring dad bc he’s vigilant. But it’s stressful for me alone,” she wrote.

“I pick parks that aren’t known to be busy. More country/rural setting,” another advised.

Another wrote, “I sit but still watch for the most part. I think it depends on the age too, mine is 5 so I’m not really worried about injury. But at like 2-3 I’m up there with him”

Other parents agreed with Lydia’s on-alert mindset, noting that they don’t relax at the park either.

“There is no chilling. No chilling at all. The best playgrounds are fenced and I can sit by the only exit while watching them,” one user wrote.

Another admitted, “I am always on the verge of a panic attack.”

“I could not imagine reading a book while at a playground!!! I’m following them everywhere…” another said.

I truly dread taking my daughter to the playground. As someone with a touch of anxiety, letting her run off, climb high structures, and have some independence while playing is truly difficult for me. Plus, on a beautiful day, the park is packed. So, I am always near her, making sure I don’t lose sight. Seems like I’m in some good company!

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