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Toddler Accidentally Shows Her Mom in the Shower on Instagram Live

Mom life is no joke. Moms deal with lots of baby poop, spit up—and mortifying moments courtesy of their little one. One Tik Tok mom named Brianna just had the ultimate #momlife moment, however, when her toddler broadcasted her shower live on Instagram.

The embarrassed mom took to Tik Tok to share the story—and quickly went viral. “I gave my toddler my cellphone to play a game while I took a shower. It was a preschool learning game that she plays often,” the mom, who posted under the username @bri.anna89 said. “Next thing I know she is knocking on my door asking me to help her fix something.”

Brianna continued, “I of course tell her to come in so I can help so she can keep playing. She hands me the phone while I am in the shower. I quickly realize that my phone is broadcasting LIVE on Instagram. In my hand. While I am in the shower.”

The video has quickly gone viral, with almost 1000 comments, 35,000 likes and 450,000 plays. Several others have commented with their own hilarious anecdotes. One mom commented, “My kid brought his zoom class to me…on the toilet…kids are fun,” while someone else wrote, “My niece ordered 158 parfaits from McDonald’s through Uber Eats.” Yet another person commented, “CONGRATULATIONS!! You win. Not sure anyone can beat that one!!” Another comment said, “And here I thought she called 911 and the police were knocking,” to which Brianna responded, “I wish that was all that happened!”

Several comments also mention using Apple’s guided access feature for iPhones to limit the chances of more mortifying moments like this one—a feature Brianna has now set up!

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