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Travel Industry is doing its bit to connect tourism with the medical services: Harish Khatri, India Assist Insights Pvt Ltd

The travel and hospitality sector faced the worst crisis at the time of pandemic. Industry had witnessed a 80% decrease in traveler movement because of the imposed travel restriction nationally and internationally. Even though travel and tourism is back on track and witnessing an unprecedented growth but we as an industry have learnt the lesson as well now. got in touch with Harish Khatri, India Assist Insights Pvt Ltd to understand the travel assistance industry. Excerpts:

How is travel industry improving and working to connect travelers with medical services

The fact that term ‘Medical Tourism’ has been coined and Govt of India is promoting it in across all format, it shows that Travel Industry is doing their bit to connect tourism with the medical services. The medical tourism isn’t prospering in Delhi or Mumbai but many other places like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and many more other tier A and tier B cities are getting traction. Travel industry is ensuring that patients according to their pocket size should get the desired treatment.

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What kind of issues do the travelers face while travelling form one destination to another?

Travelers frequently overlook potential unanticipated problems while taking in the sights, learning about other cultures, and checking off bucket-list items. Traveling always involves a circumstance when things don’t go as expected. Some of the accidents include:

• Language barrier

• Cultural differences

• Baggage loss

• Theft

• Medical emergency

• Climate change

• Unreliable transport facilities

After coronavirus outbreak what is the outlook of hospitality and travel industry in ensuring the safety of guests?

Travel has recovered since COVID-19 because more individuals are visiting new places to explore and experience new avenues. The tourism and hospitality sectors have taken action to safeguard visitors and reimagine their travel experiences.

What are the features of India Assist and how it is helping travelers?

Traveling is a wide industry that encompasses hospitality and travel services, restaurants, foreign exchange facilities, transportation, and collaboration with local travel guides. India Assist being a true India Company aims to connect the gap present in the travel ecosystem and offer an enriching experience to the travelers.

Harish Khatri, India Assist Insights Pvt Ltd
Harish Khatri, India Assist Insights Pvt Ltd

India Assist, the only travel assistance service available in India focuses on providing verified information and on-ground assistance to travelers to make sure that travelers have a better travel experience, we offer travel assistance services with the help of a mobile-based app system. By detecting the live location, the personal assistant is allocated to support and help the travelers.

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We cover all the areas of distress which a traveler can face. Be it – medical emergencies, police support, lost& found, transit support in case they missed their flight or trains and 24×7 help desk for any other particular query.

Please elaborate on how is IA turning stressful air and rail travel into comfortable travel?

India Assist has been developed with an aim of improving the travel experience of Indian and foreign travelers. To turn stressful travel leisure into fun and enjoyment, IA is offering personal assistance services to ensure safe and secure travel.

While traveling to a new place, any mishaps can occur which may create a panic situation for travelers. Being a trusted brand we help travelers to feel secure through our personal assistance services and ground-support team. In case of any theft or baggage loss, our team guides the travelers and connects them with the best desirable solution. If you are a solo woman traveller or senior citizens, IA offers pick and drop services from airport and railway stations to make it convenient for them to reach their hotel or other destinations with the help of a reliable transport source. It’s so reassuring that a reliable service is there to take care of our loved ones who probably be an easy targets for touts and other miscreants.

How to get access to India Assist? What services are provided by IA and what do they cost?

India Assist is an app-based solution that benefits and enhances the travel experience. We are currently available through our B2B partners. Travellers can ask their hotels and tour operators to provide India Assist services and they will get it from them. If customer faces any issues then they can write a mail to us at and we help them to get the service in their preferred destination. As of now we are covering 100 destinations across India.

‘India Assist’ is a ‘First-Call Assistance’ for any traveler who requires assistance, channelized through a mobile application. India assist is a ‘Showcase Startup of the Government of India’ founded in 2017. Our vertical offers the following 24×7 services:

i. Providing verified information and personal assistance: Today’s travelers are becoming impulsive and prefer to have quick information in their hands. To create a better traveling experience we offer personal assistance through an on-ground team system and verified information with the help of a mobile based app.

ii. Medical emergency support: In any unfortunate accident or medical emergency, IA provides medical support to travelers and helps in connecting to the nearest hospital or medical help team.

iii. On-ground support in Theft, Loss, Altercation and Transit Assistance or any urgent/critical requirement: The dedicated team of IA guides in managing distress, guides for the best solution in a confusing situation and provides ground assistance support in case of theft or loss of any item during travel.

iv. Pick and drop services: To make a trip hassle-free and stress-free, we offer easy pick & drop service from Airports, Railway Stations & Bus Terminals to the desired location for solo woman travellers or senior citizens.

v. We have dedicated 24×7 help Desk for travellers. They can call us to get the verified information about the food, medical supplies, transit queries etc. Most of the information is available online also but no one is accountable there but when we share any information, we share with full accountability and responsibility.

The cost, most of the time is taken care of by our B2B partners. They may charge nominal fees from their clients or give them complimentary.

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