Travel With Medicine in the TSA Line

Today I will share how to pack medicines that are allowed in the Transportation Security Administration line. I will teach you how to pack even your prescriptions or illegal substances for proper TSA screening. The TSA says that all medicines are allowed through airport security. If you have medical accessories like a CPAP machine or disability conditions, I will touch on those near the end of this video. Since every passenger must be screened, there are options for you. If you pack insulin, that is also near the end of the video.
*Go to “ask tsa” on fb messenger or twitter and screenshot their answer. You ca n also call them. #traveltips #travelwithmedicine #howtopackmedicine #tsarules I got seriously sunburned the day before making this video fyi.

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00:00 Travel Tips Laurie
00:25 How Pack Medicine
1:19 Medicine for TSA
3:36 Marijuana CBD
7:12 Disability
8:30 CPAP
8:40 Diabetes
9:09 Medical Device
9:52 Bloopers

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