Two cousins including chef die from fungal disease sweeping US

Two cousins including chef, 29, die from fungal disease sweeping US.
a young man has died due to a fungal disease. He is the second in his family to pass away from this same illness. Ian Pritchard, a 29-year-old chef from Michigan, sadly became sick of rapidly spreading fungal diseases.

On top of being a chef, Ian was also with Blastomycosis, one of four serious diseases people are now battling with. After losing the fight, his cousin, Lorelei Walker, revealed that he was not the first casualty to this fungus in their family — her husband Ira had also passed away due to the disease.

Blastomycosis is spread by microscopic yeast spores that people breathe in, and it especially loves rotting wood and soil. It’s usually found in the upper Midwest but seems to be spreading to the East Coast because our planet is warming up.

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