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U-M mental health organizations host first ever ‘Speak Out’ event

Four University of Michigan mental health organizations came together to host the University’s first-ever collaborative mental health event: a mental health “Speak Out.” Members of the four organizations — Wolverine Support Network, If You’re Reading This, Mentality Magazine and CAPS in Action — spoke out about their personal experiences with mental health struggles at the Michigan League on Tuesday evening. The theme of this event was “Connections and Community,” based on the New York Times “Connections” game.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Social Work student Shoshana Bittker, emcee of the event, said she believes Tuesday’s speakout created a safe space for community members and facilitated connection among members of different student organizations with shared goals. 

“It’s important to create a community within the vast amount of organizations at this university,” Bittker said. “Being able to share stories in a safe space about mental health helps us to see how many people share the same experiences and understand that we are not alone.”

During the event, five student speakers spoke about their struggles with mental health. In an interview with The Daily, LSA senior Sofia Micale spoke about why she chose to speak at the event. 

“(I) learned a lot from other people,” Micale said. “And so I think it’s special to have a space where people can be honest and open. And I think it allows for this kind of reciprocal learning. As I share, you can learn, and as you share, I can learn and we can understand that we’re all having these shared experiences, and it allows us to change and grow together.”

In an interview with The Daily, LSA freshman Alexandra Zupnik said she appreciated hearing from the speakers about their experiences acclimating to college. 

“My favorite part was hearing everyone talk about how they have struggled since being at the University,” Zupnik said. “And it’s not a reflection of the place or the people, but just the fact that everyone is trying to make sense of the constant change and growth that is experienced throughout college.”

Micale said she hoped attendees would leave with an understanding that mental health looks different for everyone, and seeking help is not a linear process.

“I think the best takeaway would be an understanding that everyone is having their own struggles and triumphs and if we can be more honest about the things we’re experiencing, that will help all of us in the long run, become our better selves,” Micale said. 

During the event, attendees at each table were invited to write their names and decorate a piece of paper. At the end of the event, everyone worked together to link the papers together and form a giant chain, encompassing the theme that everyone is connected. 

Bittker said she was grateful for the speakers’ bravery in sharing their personal stories. 

“Through their voices, we’ve been allowed to glimpse into (their) struggles and triumphs,” Bittker said. “And in doing so, they’ve extended a hand in solidarity to anyone who may be grappling with similar or different challenges.”

Daily Staff Reporters Evy Bisbikis and Halle Pratt can be reached at and

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