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UAB enrolling participants for Nutrition for Precision Health study

UAB is looking for people to participate in a nutrition study to learn more about how our bodies respond differently to food.

The ultimate goal is to be able to identify the best diet for each person to improve overall health and prevent chronic disease.

Nutrition is important for the prevention and treatment of most chronic conditions and diseases.

However, current dietary recommendations do not consider individual biological differences in how people respond to foods or ways and timing of eating.

The dietary guidelines for Americans have always been one size fits all and part of the reason for that is we really don’t understand the complexity of how and why different people respond differently to a meal

UAB is one of six clinical centers working to figure that out through a landmark study with the National Institutes of Health called Nutrition for Precision Health.

Dr. Barbara Gower is a multiple principal investigator for the study.

I would say that nutrition is the major factor that determines health in America today

The study will examine how a range of factors, including age, genes, lifestyle, health history, the gut microbiome– which is the organisms that live in the human gastrointestinal tract, and the conditions in which people live and work all influence a person’s response to diet.

This will be the first study in this country to try to collect the data that are needed to develop individual guidelines to optimize diets

The goal is to enroll 10,000 participants from diverse backgrounds.

“So you’ve probably heard years and years ago, that a lot of the original studies were done with white men and so a lot of the original data in the text books are based on data in white men and that obviously has to change.”

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Here’s how it works:

The study consists of three modules. All participants will take part in the first module, while a subset will take part in the other two.

In the first module, participants will be asked to complete surveys, report their daily diets, and give blood, urine and stool samples for lab tests, including microbiome analysis.

In the second module, participants will be given diets selected by researchers.

In the third, participants will also be given diets selected by researchers, but will be requested to stay in a research center while on the diets.

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Dr. Gower says the data collected will be a game changer.

Just because you have a genetic predisposition doesn’t mean you’re going to get the disease. It’s entirely modifiable and the major modifying factor is the diet. so we can do a lot with diet and with the data were going to be getting from NPH well be able to fine tune the diet a lot more accurately to individual needs

UAB’s goal is to enroll one thousand people for the study.

Click here to learn more about the study and enroll.

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