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Viral Video Shows You How to Prep for Grandbaby’s Visit

For grandparents, spending quality time with their grandbabies is an irreplaceable experience. However, for parents, taking the baby to new places, even to their grandparent’s house, can be stressful. From worrying about baby’s safety to making sure they have all the essentials, the prep and anxiety can sometimes make visits few and far between.

To help grandparents ease the parents’ worries and spend more quality time with their grandbabies, one mom recently created a video highlighting how her parents perfectly prepared for their grandbaby’s first visit. The TikTok, which has now gone viral with 275,000 views and 38,800 likes, features hot tips and takeaways for grandparents prepping for their grandbaby’s next visit so Mom and Dad will want to come back again and again.

Here are some of our favorite tips highlighted in the video:

  1. Set up a play area with a variety of toys for baby to play with.
  2. Protect sharp corners of furniture to prevent head bumps.
  3. Stock up on water cups or bottles that the baby can use, and keep a high chair handy for meals if possible.
  4. Create a diaper changing station with everything supplied, wipes, diapers, all according to the parents’ preference.
  5. Set up a baby gate at the top of the stairs or around any dangerous areas.
  6. Designate a space for baby to sleep, with a crib, baby monitor, and a black-out curtain for mid-day naps.
  7. Clean out a closet or dresser and stock it with essentials like wipes, towels, linens, shampoo, and more diapers.

“That’s it. You make it as easy to be here as it is at home,” the mom notes in the video. “Done. Bamn. We will be back; five-star review. And no, you can’t have my grandparents.” In the comments, parents agreed, with one user writing, “This is ‘the village.’ People who care about you and your family enough to make you want to visit them.” Another added, “It’s bonkers. My mother-in-law has a whole set up. I never have to bring anything. My own mother has nothing. Both of them live 10 mins away. Who am I visiting?”

So grandparents take notes! Even if you can’t cross off everything on the list above, a few diapers, wipes or babyproofing measures can really show your kids and grandchildren just how much you value them and the time you spend together. Looking for more ways to earn a grandparent gold star? Check out these 10 ways to get off on the right foot.

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