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Vitamin D May Support Healthy Inflammatory Responses, Study Says*

The scientists behind this study, published jointly by scientists from Purdue University and the National Institutes of Health, demonstrated a pathway through which vitamin D confers anti-inflammatory actions important in combating inflammatory processes initiated by certain immune cells, like T-cells. By better understanding how this pathway functions, the researchers suggest we can better address the ways vitamin D can support optimal immune function, the resolution of inflammatory pathways, and whole-body health.*

Research for this study was conducted in test tubes (aka, preclinical in vitro work, which is important for elucidating mechanistic insights). The study authors quickly point out that clinical trials and further studies are necessary before the results of this particular study can be extrapolated widely for human application.

“It’s important to understand that we did not carry out a clinical study,” says co-lead author Majid Kazemian, Ph.D., “and the results of our experiments in the test need to be tested in clinical trials in actual people.”

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