Want to improve your Immunity and Vitality?

I am Dr. Dhara Bhatt. I am a doctor and have written over 18 books. My books combine medical science with spirituality for health and wellness. I have taught thousands of people how to live a healthy, happy and successful life.

There are millions of viruses, bacteria and other invisible enemies all around you. To protect yourself from them, you need strong immunity. We all know that here can be no pill for every ill. Medicines are quick fixes. Helpful for sure, but at what cost? What about the side-effects? Because there definitely is an ill following every pill! You have to learn natural and safe lifestyle changes. To enjoy health, wealth and happiness you have to follow these lifestyle changes everyday.

Immunity is your inner power. It does not come accidentally or magically. It comes from intelligent efforts. Let’s say I know a lot about cricket. Still I cannot become a Sachin Tendulkar. Why? Because having knowledge is one thing and to be able to put that knowledge to use on the field is something else. So what is the difference? For a world class performance, you need inner will and passion and untiring regular practice.

In same way, how powerful an army is, depends on their inner will and passion to protect their country. And their regular practice for combat. Weapons are aids but power is within. So, if you want good health and strong immunity, you need the inner will and passion for it. Along with it you need to practice the right techniques everyday.

Inner power means the power of your each and every cell. It is the triple treasure in the core of your cell. World’s oldest medical system – Indian Ayurveda explains this very well. It says, our cells work with 3 essences – Prana, Ojas and Tejas. Prana is the fuel. Body takes it in form of Air, Water and Food. Ojas is the nutrients your body gets by processing Prana. Tejas is the by-product in form of Heat and Light. Heat is used for maintaining temperature. Light is released. This light is called Aura. This means your aura can tell a lot about your body, mind and emotions.

So, the question is how can you improve your auric energy to get more immunity and vitality? In my Online workshop (which you can do anytime and anywhere!) I teach a mystical breathing technique called Divine Breath.

In Yoga Sutra, Sage Patanjali says the ultimate purpose of yoga is Chitta Vritti Nirodhaya. It means quietening the fluctuations of your consciousness. To achieve this, the most crucial step is Pranayama. This step deals with preparing yourself for balance and harmony of Body, Mind and Emotions. Here in Sutra 2.49, Patanjali mentions Tasmin sati shwas prashwasyoho gatir vicchedah pranayama. This means the regulation of breath going in and out is pranayama. It is when you know how to regulate the two, you can achieve the triple treasure or the state of “shunya” where everything is possible.

Apart from that this online course has 27 other Super ways for improving your immunity and vitality. These 27 ways are easy, effective and natural. If a seed can grow into a giant tree using natural ways, then we can definitely boost our immunity and vitality.

Let’s not wait for the course and start right away. I am sharing with you three tips on how you can improve your immunity and vitality starting today.

Let’s follow this 3-step formula given to us by Mother Nature. It is the real super-power to improve your immunity and Vitality – 1. Divine Breath – A scientific and mystic breathing technique. It bases on the universal growth ratio. Improves you’re your all-round performance. You can download my book and get the Divine Breath app for free on my website www.drdharabhatt.com 2. Divine Water – Tap the healing power of Water. Flush out pain and suffering by drinking 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning. Add more vitality and love into each cell by giving positive intention to your water before drinking.

3. Divine Sleep – Your immunity and vitality depend on the quality of your sleep. Harness the power of sleep for total health and well-being. Sleep adequately, and program your subconsciousness with a positive affirmation before going to bed.

Interested in learning a bit more about such proven tips? Join my 1-hour class on Divine Breath for Immunity and Vitality. You’ll learn such 9 simple yet powerful and effective steps for you, your family and friends! Apart from that I’ll also introduce a very unique tool for immunity and vitality! See you in class.


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