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Warning⚠️ 亞馬遜神秘樹蛙毒液療法 KAMBO DOCUMENTARY : MYSTERIOUS AMAZON MEDICINE #Kambo #usa#amazon #vlog #美國

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Hi Welcome to Yuna’s Universe!

This is the Kambo treatment I encountered in Arizona, USA
Kambo is an ancient remedy from the Amazon
Healers apply tree frog venom to devotees’ open wounds
Because this therapy is not yet popular and unknown in Asian countries
So I documented the entire treatment process to share this mysterious therapy with you.


00:00 Have you heard of kambo treatment? 你聽過樹蛙療法嗎
00:19 Welcome to Yuna’s Universe! 歡迎來到優那的宇宙
00:24 ABC NEWS Australia Kambo has caused 2 died 樹蛙療法在澳洲已造成兩死
01:29 Why I am took this video ? 為什麼我做這支影片
02:13 So why is kambo so dangerous 為什麼樹蛙療法如此危險
03:23 First treatment 第一次治療
05:28 Second treatment 第二次治療
09:36 2 days later 兩天之後
12:41 What I feel after encountered whole the process ? 參與整個治療過程後的感想

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Design software and materials: Canva

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