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Watch Mom Go Through Son’s School Backpack In Hilarious Video

Watch Mom Go Through Son’s School Backpack In Hilarious Video

Every weekend, I throw my daughter’s backpack into the washer with some Oxiclean and laundry sanitizer because it truly needs a deep clean every single week. It’s that gross by Friday. Kids can be neglectful and messy, and sometimes, the weirdest sh*t ends up in their bags.

In a relatable video, TikTok mom, Ashley Desanno took her followers on a little journey as she went through her son’s school backpack. What she found inside was puzzling as well as just so spot on when it comes to motherhood.

“It’s been a minute since we went through my son’s backpack. Let’s go,” she says. “Dare you think I go through his backpack prior to find things I might think are funny. I don’t. We do this together.”

While she didn’t find any papers that might need review or signing (because her son was out for a couple of days due to poison ivy), she did find a dirty, crusty sweatshirt with crumbs literally falling off of it.

“We have this. Do you see that?” she asks while holding up the hoodie in disgust. “So, we have that. That came out of his backpack. We open it next to the sink because we never know what we’re going to find.”

She then finds an old receipt for a running club as well as a paper superhero mask that leaves her puzzled.

“He must have made that. That’s trash,” she says.

As more crumbs and white crusty material keeps pouring out of the bag, Desanno finally identified the mystery substance in her son’s backpack.

“I see what has happened here. He got some birthday cake popcorn that he just thinks is the s**t. It’s the bee’s knees. He’s my kid who doesn’t really love school… Once he’s there, he’s okay with it, but getting him to go to school is a whole other thing. So sometimes I do things like, ‘I’m going to put a treat in your backpack like birthday cake popcorn that you can have for a snack,’” she explained before getting sidetracked by a random pen from when she volunteered at the local abortion clinic.

“This is one day in the life of having him as my child … Well, we didn’t find any work, but we did find popcorn,” she concluded before calling for her son.

After her video began circulating, several TikTok users related to Desanno’s backpack excavation.

“You are so brave. I just dump it over the trash can for my son. My son’s room looks similar,” one user wrote.

Another wrote, “Mine is 17 and female. It doesn’t necessarily get better. 🤣🤣”

“My daughter brought home waffles and a large cup of syrup this week… her bag was fused to the floor the next day,” another shared.

“I found a half eaten burger once after the whole house started to smell like death. 💀 Good times,” another said.

“My oldest daughter’s backpack was where things went to die. Switched her to a ‘trapper keeper’ type binder in 5th grade,” another mom shared.

While it might be an unpleasant experience, a kid’s backpack needs to some TLC every now and then. Your child’s school backpack has 31 times the number of germs as your cell phone and 28 times the amount found on a toilet seat. So, have some fun gathering all the weird, random stuff your kid accumulated for the week and then throw that thing in the wash!

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