Weatherman Erick Adame Fired After Nude Webcam Leak Reveals New Mental Health Battle

A meteorologist, who was fired after footage of him masturbating on camera was leaked last year, says he is still struggling mentally and financially and is taking a break from social media.

Erick Adame was sacked in September 2022 from Spectrum NY1 after an adult webcam site user took explicit screenshots of him and shared them with his boss.

On Friday, Adame shared an example of the kinds of messages he continues to receive on social media.

“I saw your video, I’m sorry what happened to you, but you are so hot,” the user said. When Adame asked, “Where did you see it so I can remove it” the person responded, saying “Come on, you did it because you like it, don’t be a hypocrite.”

“My life for the last two years has been conversations like this. This is happening today,” Adame said as he announced a break from social media.

“In December 2021, I was captured nude on a public adult webcam sit. It’s something I had done before but wasn’t caught in this way until then,” he wrote in a post. “Months later someone would send these images to my mom, my bf and my work. I was fired in September 2022 and haven’t been able to find similar work, on or off camera.

“The toll this has taken on me mentally and financially is hard to even begin to describe. I’m still pushing forward and trying my hardest to stay positive but I need to take a break from social media,” he said. “Weather with Erick will continue for now. I’m hoping my time away will leave space to focus on mental health and hopefully get working again. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive during this very difficult time.”

Adame was nominated for two Emmys throughout his nearly 15-year career. Since the leak, he has continue to report on the weather on his own Weather with Erick site.

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