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What are the Most Popular Medical Sub-Specialties? (Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, IMG vs. US)

This video is all about the most popular fellowships/sub-specialties for both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Hint: Cardiology and GI seem to be looking quite intense hahaha.

Source: This page contains current and historical data related to ERAS applicants and applications. It includes Specialty Specific Data, Cross Specialty Applicant Data, and quick reference Data Shots.


More insights into the fellowship (from the AMA:

With more than 10,000 applicants landing positions, the 2021 appointment year fellowship Match was the largest in record. Figures released by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) detail data behind matches—conducted in 2020 and early 2021—for 68 subspecialities that will start this summer.

In total, 5,110 programs that submitted certified rank-order lists offered 11,767 fellowship positions, of which 10,433 (88.7%) were filled, and 82% of programs in the varying matches filled all positions. On the applicant side, 12,925 active applicants who participated in at least one fellowship Match, of which 10,433 (80.7%) obtained positions.

What is a Fellowship? (taken from:

“Doctors are typically split into two categories: general physicians and specialists. When an individual has a complex condition, they’ll seek the help of a specialist. A specialist spends years of education and training focusing on a specific aspect of medicine.

Fellowship training is part of the process of becoming a specialist physician. During fellowship training, a physician follows a specialist closely to train in a subspecialty. In the program, the learning physician is known as a fellow. So, an orthopedic doctor may complete a fellowship training program in knee surgeries to become an expert. The physician in training may participate in hundreds of knee surgeries within their year of training to earn their subspecialty Being a specialist is a coveted route in the medical field. Many medical students want to become specialists, but only a few doctoral candidates get to be fellowship trained. label.

The doctors who lead fellowship training are experts and leaders in their field. It’s an invaluable experience learning alongside them. The fellowship training program consists of practical experience, with the doctoral candidate practicing on patients. In 2014, the American Medical Association (AMA) reported that there were 3,352 specialty programs with 55 specialties offered.”

00:00-00:46 – Introduction

00:46-02:45 – What Even is A Fellowship?

02:45-04:48 – TOP 5: Fellowship Pediatric Subspecialties

04:48-07:30 – TOP 5: Fellowship Internal Medicine Subspecialties

07:30-08:52 – Top 3 Fellowship Specialties by Average Applications per Applicant for IMGs

08:52-10:35 – Top 3 Fellowship Specialties by Average Applications per Applicant for USGs

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