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What does it mean to be asexual?

In recent years, we’ve seen a burgeoning social movement for the acceptance of asexuality. We’ve also seen more asexual characters popping up in shows such as Heartstopper and Sex Education.

Despite this, asexuality remains widely misunderstood. So what does it mean?

Asexuality refers to low or no sexual attraction. However, this does not mean all people who identify as asexual, or the shorthand “ace“, never experience sexual attraction or never have sex.

People who identify as asexual may feel intense attraction to someone, but not sexual attraction. Others may find sex pleasurable but rarely feel attracted to another person.

There are also variations of asexual identity that fit broadly within the ace umbrella. People who identify as demisexual, for example, experience sexual attraction only to people with whom they have a strong emotional bond.

Across the spectrum of ace identities, many people have romantic or sexual relationships. For others, sex is not part of their lives.

Asexual identity also cuts across other sexual or gender identities. Some asexual people identify as queer, transgender or gender diverse.

How many people identify as asexual?

Asexuality, as a sexual identity or orientation, has only recently been included in large-scale surveys. So data is limited.

Analysis of data from a 2004 British population-based survery found 1 per cent of respondents indicated, “I have never felt sexually attracted to anyone at all”. This measure, however, may not be accurate given many asexual people wouldn’t agree they have “never” felt sexual attraction.

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