what I eat in a day for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, WEIGHT LOSS 🌱 + GLOWING SKIN ✨vegan, plant-based diet

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Today I am sharing with you another what I eat in a day as a vegan, eating a whole food plant-based diet that is centered around starch and naturally low in fat. I could effortlessly drop 50 lbs of unhealthy weight – eating more food and weighing less! Eating this way allows me to stay healthy and at optimal body weight. It also helps contribute to my glowing skin along with using my favorite skin products, @oseamalibu

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Breakfast – Blue Berry Oatmeal

Rolled oats – however much is good for you
1/2 ripe banana smooshed
1-2c milk depending on how much oats you use
1 tbsp chia seeds
frozen blueberries

Lunch and Dinner – pretty straightforward – no recipe, I’m just throwing staple foods together that sound delicious. Make sure to watch the video to see how I do this. It’s how I usually create my easy, vegan, plant-based meals

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1. The information in this video is from my own personal experience, opinion, and knowledge of plant-based nutrition. I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to be a substitute for treatment by or advice from a medical professional. Always seek the advice of our physician or other qualified health care professional regarding your medical condition.
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